DameWare Mini Remote Control

DameWare Mini Remote Control Download for Windows 64/bit

The Dameware Mini Remote Control is the option of remote access to computers in different rooms, different buildings and even in many different countries, which are very useful and there are several ways to achieve this. It is so popular that Microsoft's remote access to its operating system is remote access. Although this is a functional tool, if you want to better control your remote session, you may find it helpful to switch to third-party tools.

The DameWare Mini Remote Control differs from other similar remote access tools in the two main areas. First, it is designed to be too light for resources to deliver impressive performance, and using the Windows API means that the overall size of the program can be reduced while maintaining the independence of the software. The second unique feature of this software is that it supports Login Smart Interactive Cards and Remote Smart Card Authentication. This is a very useful option for professional systems that require user authentication to access various options.

Key Features : 

Although we consider that the DameWare Mini's Remote Control program provides many advanced features beyond what our competitors offer as a whole, we know that some of our competitors may have special features that provide additional functionality for what we have to offer right now. Therefore, if you are looking for specific features in our software, please let us know at support@dameware.com; o we will be happy to provide you with additional information about the special function.
Some of the main selling points of our software are :
  • Windows Vista and 2008 Server Support (32 and 64 bit)
  • MSI Package for the installation of Customer Agents
  • Windows Firewall automatic configuration
  • Fast User Switching XP, Vista and 2008 and RDP Support
  • Smart Interactive Card Entry and Remote Smart Card authentication
  • Support for multiple Monitor environments (both local and remote)
  • DameWare Mirror Driver to improve speed and performance
  • Integrated Authentication in Operating System Security
  • Microsoft's O / S built-in CryptoAPI Service Provider FIPS-140 certified encryption
  • "Immediate" Customer Representative placement without restarting the machine
  • Connects via Mini Remote style connections or RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) style connections.
  • Ability to Force Encryption for all connections
  • Ability to get permission from Desktop Users before connecting
  • Limit access using IP Filtering
  • Limit access based on membership of Local or Global Groups
  • Limit access by shared secret key
  • Joint Session
  • Simple File Transfer.
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How to accumulate against competitors

Then, we need to compare the main features of Dameware Mini Remote Desktop with its competitors. Many of the modern remote support products offer a number of features that may not be practical only a few years ago, but thanks to improvements in computer processing power and faster internet speeds, we can use this effective remote support now. work done

When looking at remote desktop support applications, such as the Dameware Mini Remote Control, there are several basic features to consider :
  • Easy Installation: In 2018, it was very easy to install remote support applications that did not require custom firewall rules for routing configuration changes or external connections. Make sure your selection is easily edited.
  • Set feature: You must be able to copy files remotely and remotely to the target PC on your network.
  • Price: All of the programs displayed in this review are not free, so selecting the right application for your environment will also depend on your budget.
  • Application Options: Although many applications can be started manually, it is always good to know if your support application will be distributed over the network to automate the installation of applications, especially if there is more than one system.

Dameware has many great features to offer as a remote software application. This is done by people who clearly understand the structure of remote support, as shown by very useful features, such as remote service setup, creating an MSI package, and disabling the remote keyboard and mouse.

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