DameWare Mini Remote Control 11 Series

Dameware Remote Support 11 Series

Download DameWare Mini Remote Control 11 is a powerful remote access software that allows you to simplify and access your computer remotely wherever you are. The DameWare Mini Remote Control (MRC) allows you to view and control remote systems on a variety of operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. MRC is not only remote control software, MRC also allows you to chat with all users, transfer files between users and administrators, monitor remote systems, share screenshots, network diagnostics, and more. 

It is a flexible remote software; allows you to manage remote access rights, have many options for authentication, and allow IT administrators to access client computers outside of the firewall. DameWare Mini Remote Control provides four built-in authentication security method; all authentication features are intelligently designed and robust to ensure that the connection between the server and the client is secure and protected.

Key Features:

  • Change BIOS settings and remotely troubleshoot
  • Check and restart services and processes
  • Manage configuration settings on your network 
  • Manage disks and monitor system performance 
  • Manage remote access permissions / permissions
  • Remote system monitoring, network diagnostics, etc.
  • Remotely control computers outside a firewall
  • Securely connected with smart authentication
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Transfer files and screenshots between users
  • Turn it on, turn it on again, wake up and turn off the computer
  • And more.

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Download DameWare Mini Remote Control 11 Series :
DameWare Mini 11 Series
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DameWare Remote Control 11.2 - New Version of the Program

A new version of the DameWare Remote Control program has been released, 11.2. Here are some improvements including :
  1. Automatically import user accounts from Active Directory to DameWare Central Server
  2. Schedule Active Directory synchronization periodically with Central Directory to refresh and update access permissions
  3. Allow IT technicians to use the single entry system (SSO) method in DameWare
  4. Fill out the host list with computers and groups in Active Directory

DameWare Remote Support includes DameWare Mini Control and provides additional tools to simplify and speed up solving IT problems :
  1. Remote Windows management with default system tool
  2. Remote management of Active Directory
  3. Remote sessions over the Internet
  4. Remote control of computers from iOS® and Android ™ systems
  5. Export the WMI and AD settings from the remote machine

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