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Best Screen Sharing Software in 2019

Screen sharing provides collaboration and supports visual and interactive as it will be made directly. You can present your design, document, or website exactly as it appears on your screen, or you can get a guide suggestion from a colleague. But this doesn't always feel like the revolutionary technology that forces the place. Göre Can you see my screen? Ilar, you want people to be silent from the meeting participants as they rush to turn on the Do Not Disturb feature before anyone else sees the Slack message. So it is very important to choose the right screen sharing software.

The application for sharing screens has several different tastes. Some are part of a wider videoconferencing tool, while others are primarily for remote access or naked simplicity. These are various categories with many options to evaluate, but we're reducing them to the best 13 options to consider.

What Does Extraordinary Screen Sharing Software Do?

Screen sharing software can be used for everything from webinar presentations, referral to customer support interactions, colleagues in design to fast intestine examinations. Basically, it is software that allows two or more users to share their screen with others online. But the best software offers more - when deciding we weigh a number of factors :
  • Ease of access for participants. The best software includes non-installation, web access and can be used on various devices.
  • Description property. The ability to mark the screen while sharing the presenter and participants adds the utility layer to the software.
  • Collaboration feature. We look for features such as server replacement, shared annotations, common scan, and common document editing.
  • Supporting features Although there is no need for many use cases, features such as remote access are a big plus if you use screen sharing for customer support.
  • Integration. Automating the tasks, such as session scheduling and uploading, simplifies the entire process.

1. Screenleap (Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome)

Screenleap is one of the simplest screen sharing tools, but the use of the lack of complexity makes the lightning quickly. This is ideal when you need to give a colleague a quick training or give them to customers without forcing them to load and load something heavy. With Screenleap, you receive a permanent URL that everyone can use with a link to join a session when you share it (tells them to wait if you don't actively share it). This is perfect for getting involved in calendar event descriptions for recurring meetings or quickly accessing live broadcasts when you need them.

You can also share your screen with a six-digit sharing code, where participants can enter the Screenleap home page, so webinar-style sessions and sales demos can be easily managed. Broadcasts that can be combined with predictable links and custom sessions combined with a one-time password can be launched with a single click on the Chrome extension. Because it is browser-based, it means that participants can participate regardless of their devices or settings. Monitor the splitting of the screen is as soft as on the desktop from the mobile browser.

It's a swap with simplicity. Screenleap does not support video conferencing or annotations, making it less useful than collaborative tools for collaborative team meetings. It's still ideal for launching fast and frictionless screen sharing sessions directly from the browser - especially if you haven't spent 10 minutes asking. Your participants are installing new software.

Download Screenleap :
Screenleap Software
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2. TeamViewer (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android)

TeamViewer is more than a screen sharing tool: This is a complete remote access package with company features. It is built for a technical support team, but is suitable for not only meetings but also for helping users. The remote access application allows you to connect to other computers and control the keyboard and mouse. This makes TeamViewer perfect for support and training, but having a lot of users on one screen also has paired programming and design applications. The TeamViewer screen sharing feature is as rich as you'd expect from an adult collaboration tool. 

The host session can assign other participants as presenter and all participants can mark the publication with a description tool. Review your joint reports or your latest brand as a team. You can also easily save and manage screen sharing sessions by selecting to sync in the cloud. This makes it easier to revert to the problem of a customer or action item from the previous team meeting. Because TeamViewer is a remote access tool, the entire process begins with at least one meeting attendee, giving computer controls to another. 

This is not ideal for all screen sharing purposes, but TeamViewer also has a dedicated presentation mode (which does not start with remote access by default), which can be fully tested on a free package. When starting a session, select Meeting from the sidebar instead of Remote Control.

Download TeamViewer :
TeamViewer Software
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3. Slack (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android)

Slack is where you and your team are hanging. With a lot of integration with other applications you use at work, such as dashboards and universal events. Why don't you use the same tool to organize and save the meeting because there is so much in Slack? For internal collaboration, you don't have to pay for another screen sharing tool if you previously paid for Slack. Sessions can be private or stay open to channel members for input and output. Each session is archived and saved in the channel - and can be searched like the rest of your communication log. 

You can also automate the task of sharing your Slack screen using Zapier. Loose screen sharing includes host change, collaborative annotations, and the ability for each participant to use their own cursor on the main screen. The host clicks the cursor icon to share the screen to allow access. However, teams that need solutions for cellular and Linux will find these features limited: Sharing screens with video items is not supported on mobile, and Linux desktop applications do not support remote access or others to show screen titles.

Download Slack :
Slack for Windows
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4. Zoom (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android)

Zoom is considered to be one of the best video conferencing applications for team meetings, sales demos and webinars. As older users, we can personally guarantee its reliability. Even on sharp networks, Zoom manages to maintain video connections by adjusting the quality depending on the bandwidth. This is very useful for sharing screens; this is something that makes Zoom easy no matter what the condition is.

Zoom provides a lightweight installer for nearly all operating systems, Linux distributions and cellular operating systems, so organizing screen-sharing sessions for non-Zoom users doesn't cause compatibility issues or strange downtime. You can also automate your screen splitting workflow for a smoother operation. Zoom users can make screen sharing meetings from desktop or cellular applications. In the mobile application, participants can check the presentation tools to share documents or take notes together.

Since Zoom is an advanced video conferencing tool with built-in screen sharing, search and meeting features are enough to support any size business: 50 people can join a room in a free package and allow up to 500 participants in paid packages. This is good for setting up multiple host webinars, each of which needs to access the same presentation screen for taking notes.

Download Zoom :
Zoom Software
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5. Upscope (Web)

Upscope is a live screen sharing tool in your SaaS website or app. This allows customers to request support or sales sessions with agents on the other side. Customers can click through your application to request screen sharing using one of the Upscope integrations with other SaaSs such as Intercom, Drift, and Zendesk. Agents receive dashboards with information about the user's browser and operating system that allow them to connect to any active user and provide context for support.

Unlike video-based screen sharing applications similar to Slack, Zoom, and TeamViewer, Upscope works to share HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from a customer's browser rather than streaming compressed image files. This is known as peer scan. This difference in technology can cause a break between what each user and his / her agent sees - as the same site can behave differently on different browsers - but it ensures that SaaS features are as common as modems (for example, when you open a Trello card) or slide sidebar menu, traditional video-based display is famous for sharing.

Support for SaaS-specific features is subject to a fee. When navigating together, the speed of the cursor is lower and the delay makes the participants feel higher than the ones they use, such as Zoom or GoToMeeting.

Download Upscope :
Web Browser
Free Driver

6. Join.Me (Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Web)

Join.Me, our video conferencing application, is the best-in-class company class video conferencing software for screen sharing in Roundup. This collaboration feature is more advanced than most screen sharing tools. has an interactive whiteboard, a portion of the display areas, and a variety of annotation tools, including pens, highlighters, and laser pointers. group presentation is easy: Regardless of whether it is on the desktop or mobile application, it is very important for participants to switch between the role of the presenter and the audience. 

Click to select the name of the participant they want to give their rights to, and pass the presenter. Like zoom, is an adult video conferencing tool with great screen sharing features packed as bonus. It also integrates with Zapier, so you can automate meetings to share your screen. But when it comes to the blackboard, is the best in the game. Provides a unique tool on iOS to add and annotate images on canvas using pre-made icons to make diagrams. This means that you can easily switch between the whiteboard and the desktop display when presenting to your team or customers.

7. Apache OpenMeetings (Web, Windows, Mac, Linux)

Apache OpenMeetings is an application for free open source remote meetings for video conferencing, IM, collaborative whiteboards and still sharing screens. OpenMeetings users can create and join meeting rooms with predetermined rules, such as 25-person chambers with automatic recordings for training or interview, or 25-room presentation rooms with a blackboard. After setting up your OpenMeetings server, open the server URL in your browser to access your organization's meeting room, calendar, and IM.

OpenMeetings is built for self-hosting, so it requires companies that use it to run their own servers, although they are free, and IT departments that can manage the software. For businesses that want to avoid extra technology, SaaS providers such as Zoom or GoToMeeting will be a much more convenient choice. However, some companies need on-site software. Developer resources can make improvements to the OpenMeetings project to build platforms or expand them with plugins that provide local integration with tools such as Confluence and Moodle.

Download Apache OpenMeetings :
Apache OpenMeetings Software
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