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Splashtop Personal is a free tool (for home use), combined with the same mobile application that allows you to control your computer from a tablet or smartphone. This tool is available on all popular system platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac OS) and provides the ability to connect remotely to your computer through devices such as iPad, iPhone / iPod, Kindle Fire and more, working on Android.

The tool itself is actually maintenance free. It's enough to register a free user account, connect the computer with it, configure the application on a portable device and enjoy the look of our desktop on a smartphone or tablet. Splashtop allows you to work with files remotely and use applications installed on a Mac or PC on a tablet screen. Producers boast that thanks to the use of advanced image transfer technology, you can even watch movies and play - up to 30 frames per second will be displayed on your tablet or smartphone. 

In addition, this tool allows you to stream music from a computer and can also be used when making presentations, as long as we move in the same network. The quality of images displayed on mobile devices depends on the speed of connection to the Internet. The free Personal version allows you to connect remotely only between devices that are in the same network. If you want to go beyond this limit, you must buy a paid subscription that allows us to use a 3G modem (if someone has a 3G modem) installed on a mobile device for connection.

Remote Desktop Splashtop acts as a client to allow you to access the computer remotely.

Download Splashtop Remote Desktop to access another computer every day, we keep more multimedia material, including prominent photos, videos and music files, but we also have more devices every day, such as computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The best idea to avoid copying content we want to enjoy is to use a program like Splashtop Remote Desktop.

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Splashtop Remote Desktop is a client running Splashtop Streamer to enable the user to remotely access the server computer where the material is stored. This way, Splashtop Remote Desktop will allow users to enjoy movies stored on the computer without having to store them on several computers or showing photos of laptops during visits to several family members.

However, as well as being able to use it for personal enjoyment, Splashtop Remote Desktop can be used to work with documents or spreadsheets in Microsoft Word or Excel without having to install a program in the program. Download Splashtop Remote Desktop for easy and convenient access to your computer.

Additional Requirements and Information:

  • This download is free for non-commercial use.
  • The computer to be used as a server must use Splashtop Streamer.

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