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How to Make the Latest 2019 Free Windows RDP without Pay

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is a method for remotely controlling computers. Remote computer that is we can run the computer, both the program and the application from the computer from our location. Example: You are in a Japanese location, then you have a computer (Online 24 hours) in the USA, you can run your computer in Jakarta from Yogyakarta using the RDP protocol. If you have a computer that has a super fast internet connection, 24-hour online and no need to worry about power outages, what do you do with the computer? 

You can play unlimited online games, re-upload youtube files, run bots and many more. RDP is capable of carrying out all of the above activities, with RDP you have a computer that has very super specifications. Coupled with very high access speeds and 24 hours online. There are several advantages to the RDP between them :

Advantages of Using RDP

  • Run a 24 hour real time application.
  • Can be accessed anywhere and anytime.
  • Online 24 hours.
  • Run heavy programs / applications.
  • Equipped with 1 Gbps speed internet.
  • When you use RDP, the internet and hard disk use it from the RDP server.

Actually there are still many advantages from RDP, like you can upload files without using other internet quota for your download blog, if you are interested in using RDP, you can read the article below.

How to get Windows RDP for free

Actually to get RDP you have to pay, usually the price ranges from 4 to tens of dollars per month, depending on the specifications. But you can get RDP windows for free. There are several website sites that provide RDP for free for 30 days without using a credit card appendix. Here is how to get Windows RDP for free.
  1. Open your browser application, I recommend using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  2. After that, open the AppOnFly website, then the display will appear as below.
  3. After that click on TRY IT FREE which is in the upper right corner, then the display will appear as below.
  4. Please register by using your email or using a Facebook account, this time I will use my email account. Then click Start free trial.
  5. After that, a popup window will appear, this is a process to connect your laptop with RDP.
  6. Wait a few moments, then the display will automatically appear as below.
  7. Enter your apponfly email and password, if you don't know the apponfly account password you can check the apponfly account password in your email. But if your computer doesn't show a login screen, it's fine.
  8. Windows RDP is ready for use.
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The Impact of Computers on the Use of RDP

Actually there is no negative impact from the use of RPD on our computer, considering that the RPP runs on the server computer not on our computer, because the computer that we use is only an intermediary. If you experience lag when running the RDDP, this is because the computer specifications of the RPD are inadequate. Well, that's how to make the latest free Windows RDP 2018. If you are still confused, please write your question in the comment column, actually there are still many free rdp providers for 30 days but I recommend rdp from apponfly. If you have other suggestions, please write your suggestions in the comments column, share this article with your social media.

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