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Best LogMeIn Rescue Alternative for 2019

Do you need a better alternative for LogMeIn Rescue? Splashtop offers the essential features needed for better prices, faster performance and participating remote support solutions. LogMeIn Rescue is a remote support product that allows you to support your customers. Participation means that end users actively use the device when they receive support. The participating remote support products were used by the IT support and the help desk team to remotely control the customer's device when requested;

Over the years, LogMeIn has continued to increase the price of Rescue products, forcing customers to pay more than the previous year to renew their subscriptions. LogMeIn Rescue sent waves of customers looking for alternatives to enable them to do remote support at a better price. On the basis of features, functions and prices, Splashtop On-Demand (SOS) Support is the best alternative to LogMeIn Rescue. In fact, thousands of LogMeIn Rescue customers turn to Splashtop every year and Splashtop has become one of the most popular options for former Rescue customers. 

When you compare two products, it's not hard to know why.

Similar to LogMeIn Rescue, Splashtop Remote Desktop is a remote support software solution designed to help IT support and the help desk team provides remote support for their customers in very remote areas to be reached by IT or the help desk team. Nevertheless, Splashtop has the same best features, attractive as a better option thanks to faster connection and of course you have a much lower price. Here's how Splashtop SOS and LogMeIn Rescue and Splashtop are a better choice.

Why Splashtop SOS Offers the Best LogMeIn Recovery Alternative for Your Year?

You will pay less
LogMeIn Rescue customers can save more than 50% of the cost when they switch to Splashtop remote desktop sharing. In some cases, you can save up to 88% when you switch from LogMeIn Rescue to Splashtop Business. When you choose Splashtop instead of LogMeIn, a great savings is guaranteed. Both LogMeIn Rescue and SOS Splashtop are priced together by technicians. Today, LogMeIn Rescue together costs $ 1,299 per technician. Splashtop SOS starts at $ 199 / technician per technician.

LogMeIn Rescue is more expensive if you want to be able to provide support for mobile devices. With LogMeIn Rescue it costs an additional 450 $ / year. All SOS Splashtop packages include a free cellular support package, which means you can support iOS and Android devices without extra payment. Add it and SOS Splashtop is a better solution.

You Will Increase Your Best Features

Although it has a much lower price, Splashtop SOS has the same features as the LogMeIn Rescue. All SOS Splashtop packages include tools and features such as session code, chat, file transfer, technician screen sharing, multi-monitor navigation, logging, marking and connection to remote devices with comprehensive device support. With SOS + 10 and SOS Unlimited packages, you will have unattended access to your customer's computer. These packages are $ 219 per year and $ 319 (each).

Download Splashtop Business :
Support Windows 7/8/10
Free Driver

In terms of performance, Splashtop SOS is powered by the award-winning Splashtop remote access engine; this means you can easily connect and control your end user, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Splashtop's fast connection provides real-time access to high definition quality. Finally, if you want to make sure Splashtop is safe, you can be sure that you know that all connections are protected by 256-bit AES and TLS encryption. Learn more about Splashtop in accordance with various industry standards and regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, PCI and SOC 2.

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