LogMeIn Rescue 7.6.241

Description of LogMeIn Rescue

LogMeIn Rescue is a free network utility that allows you to easily connect to any server or system over the Internet in seconds. This application is used by a large communication server and helps the desk to diagnose and fix computers, tablets and smartphones. This is a SaaS remote support tool that combines remote control with chat and diagnostic capabilities. LogMeIn Rescue for Windows enables representatives to identify and correct common device problems wherever there is a mobile phone or web connection. This program includes the ability to force configuration settings and secure devices with an Internet connection.

The main focus of the network tool is that the Technician Console provides an outstanding working environment for technical support staff by organizing all support sessions. There are many connection methods that technicians can use to request access to consumers. This utility creates a direct connection to the customer via a 6-digit unique PIN code or a link sent via e-mail. Or, the technician can start the Lens Rescue session by sending a link link via an SMS. After the connection on the workstation has been accessed, remote desktop sharing programs initiate client application downloads. 

Before starting the application, it asks for access permission and advises customers not to approve unwanted sessions or to disclose credit card information. Applications can be used for file sharing, chat and remote control management and are automatically deleted at the end of the session. Download the LogMeIn Rescue application to find a reliable solution for all your system problems. With this program, you can remotely access other people's desktops from your screen to quickly resolve their problems. 

The best way to use this application is to provide you with fresh, dynamic and powerful functionality to access the help tools that don't depend on any web browser. Instead of forcing users to call for help over the phone, chat or web when there are problems, it offers in-app support for all mobile applications that provide support experience to make the application easier.

Why use LogMeIn Rescue?

> Best security
  • File access software creates a 256-bit SSL encrypted connection between users and technicians using TLS 1.1 transport security

> Interactive video support
  • This allows customers to use their tablets or mobile phones to broadcast their video feeds to support their support technicians directly. This feature is designed specifically for simpler communication and faster problem solving

> Access control
  • With this free remote access software, you can set permission at a detailed level, such as providing a few technicians without file transfer rights.

> Multi-platform support
  • This application can be used on almost all major platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The screen sharing program is integrated into a file manager offering a two-sided interface. This allows the technician to restart the workstation in normal and safe mode and run the script. You can also check all information about your system, including hardware configuration and software, installed applications, the latest system updates, running services and processes, installed drivers, and startup items.
  • In addition, the latest release of LogMeIn Rescue provides support for a variety of languages, including German, Dutch, Thai, Korean, Portuguese and French. This uses the language you selected during installation. However, you can change the active language by deleting and reinstalling it. Be sure to select the desired language during installation.
  • You can set remote monitoring software to send you voice alerts when an event occurs. Technical You can set the console to be minimized, disconnected when the customer is accidentally disconnected or the network connection is temporarily lost.
  • Additionally, LogMeIn Rescue includes a spelling checker feature. You can check the spelling of all text you enter in the Recovery Table panel. It has a whiteboard option that helps agents communicate more clearly by adding clarification to the screen. Remarks remain even if the device moves.
  • By default, the tool registers the IP address of each client that is participating in a session. If you're a little concerned about protecting your customers' privacy, you can choose whether or not to save this data. To do this, you must go to the General Settings tab. Then, under Customer IP Address Retention Policy, select Register customer's IP address and click the Save changes button.
  • Administrators can apply IP address restrictions to their technicians. Once selected, all available IP addresses will be limited to a narrow list. The problem solving application allows technicians to save events that occur during a desktop viewing session to a video file. This is a very important feature for accountability and accountability reasons.
  • All saved files are stored in the directory specified by the host. If there is a large support organization, the storage location will appear on the network server. The amount of disk space taken by such records varies greatly and depends entirely on the end-user desktop content that is supported. Recordings are saved directly to AVI or custom LogMeIn format. You can convert it to a standard AVI file using AVI Converter Rescue.
Download LogMeIn Rescue :
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LogMeIn Recovery main Features:

  • Pray with predefined answers, file transfers and URL push chat interface
  • Provides detailed system diagnostics, including restart and reconnect
  • Allows the administrator to create a group of technicians and assign group permissions.
  • Includes built-in audio functions that make it easy for users and agents to stay in touch during support sessions
  • You can record recordings of all live streaming sessions using the screen image and video recording features.
  • View the session list to see all sessions
  • Allows you to set columns in session list
  • Edit custom fields directly from the session list.
  • Allow you to postpone the session at any time
  • Equipped with a warning bar showing notifications about firmware, battery, and application problems
  • Allows group members to start a session using personal methods such as call cards, PIN codes, links, and Rescue + Mobile and SMS
  • Group members can transfer sessions to a valid organization number when required
  • Equipped with unattended access options allowing technicians to connect to the system when no user is present
  • You can upload a list of web shortcuts and assign them to the technician group.
  • Number of missed sessions, number of outputs, number of closed sessions, average waiting time, etc. It contains an overview section that shows.


  • History and detailed session notes
  • Outstanding video quality
  • Smart whiteboard
  • Lightweight utility
  • Simple installation process
  • 24x7 customer support via email, phone and user forums
  • Provides support for drag and drop


LogMeIn Rescue is an incredible network tool that makes it easy for colleagues, friends and customers to help and support computer problems. With Windows software, you can get full control over the Internet in a few seconds from a remote computer, Mac, or smartphone without requiring a preinstalled program. You can also create reports to encourage your team members to increase customer satisfaction. This tool is compatible with all Windows versions such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

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