PC Remote Controls Your PC From Tablet or Phone

Monect PC Remote - The Easy Way to Remote Your PC

Monect PC Remote is a remote control software created using the Java programming language. So that this application supports many computer platforms such as Windows, Linux, and MacOS. With this application we can easily make remote access between computers with one click. Besides this application can also be used to make calls and also chat with fellow users. We can also send and request files with a connected computer. We also don't need songs with security to use this application. Because this application uses AES and ECDH encryption as security. 

This application can also run effectively behind NAT and Firewall with zero configuration. Maybe not many people are familiar with the Monect PC Remote application, I just found out myself hahaha. in my opinion, after trying this application it is very useful. Why is it useful? please read the features of the manufacturer.

Here are features:

  • Remote Desktop - Tap the window on your mobile phone.
  • Projector - share pictures, videos and screens of your phone on the PC's large screen.
  • Flight mode - Play flying games like Ace Combat with G-Sensor.
  • PPT synchronization - You can view, play, select, and mark photos and PPT notes directly on your phone.
  • RaceMode - Play games running over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth via PCs using the G-Sensor!
  • TouchPad - simulates the touch panel in your mobile phone with many supportive gestures, such as the Apple viewing panel!
  • My Computer - Explore PC files on your mobile phone!
  • Joystick - A street fighter or DMC etc. by simulating the joystick.
  • FPS Mode - Use the Gyroscope to target targets like a real gun in the palm of your hand, supporting the perfect serial COD!
  • Keyboard - Simulates keyboard typewriters, keyboard functions, numeric keyboards ...
  • Text transfer - Type text in your mobile phone, and then transfer text directly to the PC with a single click!
  • Browser, Media Control - Easily control any web browser and media player!
  • And more

This time I want to share a way to remote or control your laptop or computer using a smartphone. The main requirement of this trick is between smartphones (Android, Windows Phone, Apple) connected in one network with a Windows PC (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10). The network can be a network hotspot or bluetooth network. But for this tutorial I use a hotspot network from the access point or from other devices. After the main conditions were met, then we have to install an application called Monect PC Remote. 

This application must be installed both on the smartphone and also on the PC. The smartphone that I use this time is android (only has this) so just search for it in Playstore and install it. For Windows Phone or iPhone users, download it directly in the Windows Store or Appstore. It's free there is a free version with few ads that appear when using the application. For the application, please download via the link below :
Monect v.6.3.0
Free Driver

If the application has been installed, then run it. Don't forget the PC and smartphone must be in one network. Then open the Remote PC on the smartphone and later the PC appears in one network. Just select it directly according to the name of the PC. If successfully connected in the PC application the status of the connected device will appear. So the application installed on this PC only accepts connections from smartphones, it cannot be otherwise. When it's connected, we can use various features. 

I have tried several features, for example:

  • our smartphone can be a mouse that can be used on a PC
  • can do remote desktop live
  • display photos / videos from smartphone to PC
  • can open files that are on the PC drive
  • can be used for a virtual console when playing games. I have tried the gamepad to play PES games and work well like a real joystick. But it's rather difficult because of all touchscreen, one of the most important features is that this application can be used for powerpoint control during presentations

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