NetSupport School 10.5

NetSupport School Computer Monitoring Software for Students

NetSupport School is very easy for us to monitor and even fully control student computers simultaneously, this software is very suitable if used by IT teachers to monitor student computer activity in a computer laboratory, the monitoring software is called NetSupport with this software you can do activities on student computers even You can display the teacher's computer screen to each student's computer and interestingly you can turn off the computer in one room simultaneously through the computer server. 

This Student Computer Monitoring Software is almost compatible with the Windows Operating System version, from Windows XP to Windows 10, to run NetSupport software, student computers and teacher computers must be in one network with one IP address segment either via WiFi or via LAN, some Software features NetSupport you need to know:
  • Turn off the Student Computer simultaneously
  • Disabling Keyboard and Mouse Functions on Student Computers
  • View student computer activities simultaneously
  • Take over student computer access through a server
  • Display Video to student computers simultaneously
  • Play Audio to the student Computer simultaneously
  • Communicate to students through text or voice
  • Communicate to all students and certain students
  • Make assignments / questions in the form of essays or multiple choices.
  • Locking Student Computer Activities
  • Block full Internet access or block certain URL addresses on student computers.

Steps to use NetSupport Monitoring Software are actually very easy, first you have to make sure that the computer in one room is well connected to the local network, try to differentiate IP on your computer network with office network IP or school wifi because it will make it easier for you to control the network in the computer room but to distinguish this optional IP from being done it will also not affect NetSupport's performance, it is important that your network settings must be correct, to ensure all computers are connected you can check with PING <sepasi> the computer ip address that is addressed via Command Promt.

After the Computer Room Network runs normally the next stage, you just need to install the netsupport student monitoring program, in the software there are 4 choices when you do the installation along with a brief explanation :

Explanation of Install NetSupport:

  • Student This option must be selected if you are installing on a student computer
  • Tutor This option must be selected if you are installing on the teacher's computer
  • IT Technician This option is mandatory if you install the server computer

After complete installation of both the student computer and the teacher's computer, the student's computer will be monitored / detected automatically through the NetSupport program on the teacher's computer / server.

NetSupport School Download

NetSupport School Download a software specifically designed for teachers or teachers who work with many client computers to be able to provide material and also control each client computer in an easy and simple way. By using this one program you can easily control all functions of the client computer that is connected to the internet or LAN network. You can limit the use of programs from the client computer and also block the internet access or a site.

Download NetSupport School 10.5 :
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