Radmin 3.3 Remote Administrator

What is Radmin?

Radmin is a secure and reliable Windows-based remote control program that allows you to work on multiple computers with a simple and familiar graphical interface. Radmin allows users to view desktops remotely and take control of remote mouse and computer keyboards. Files can be copied from a remote computer / computer in File Transfer mode, and online conferencing can be done using Text and Voice Chat mode. In addition, Radmin has other modes, such as Telnet, Shutdown and Message Sending.

Backed by innovative screen capture technology, the new Radmin 3 is the fastest remote access software and leader among competitors. The main advantage of this program is that security is stable, so it is not possible to break the data encryption.

Review Radmin 3.3 Viewer

Radmin Viewer 3.3 is the latest version of this free remote control for Windows. As an executable file or an MSI file you can download it directly from the developer's website. It is free and does not require prior registration. When installing, we can choose between installing this utility only for us or for those using our computer. Radmin Viewer has been upgraded and now provides full support for Intel AMT technology. This software allows us to connect to a remote computer server. Connection modes Full Control, View Only, Telnet, File Transfer, Shut Down, Chat, Voice Chat and Send Message. 

Depending on the selected mode, some windows will open so that we can enter the details. We can save the IP address or DNS name to our Phonebook. The icons in the toolbar will allow us to connect to addresses, add new links, delete entries, view connection properties, monitor computers remotely with a mouse or keyboard, view remote screens, transfer files, open voice chats, and more. It is also possible to import and export Phonebooks. Graphical user interface is very smart and easy to use. It runs under Windows Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000, ME, 98, 95, NT4.0 (32 bits and 64 bits).

There is currently limited Windows 7 support, but this is something to be developed in future editions. A failure of the software is that it only works with Windows - it is an obstacle for anyone working with other platforms like Mac OS X. Although there are transactions under the operating system, they are supported very quickly and there are a number of settings that can be changed to improve performance. Radmin really shines here.

Once the software is installed, all you need is the IP address of the remote computer and the corresponding login information. After that, remote work is almost indistinguishable from working with a local computer.

Download Radmin v.3.3 :
Radmin 3.3 Server
Free Driver
Radmin 3.3 Viewer
Free Driver

Easy Ways to Control Other Computers with Radmin 3.3

Yesterday or more precisely, two days ago, there was one of my friends who told me how to check or check without hacking. In fact you just want to see what someone else is doing on your computer, you even want to use another computer without having to just walk from one computer to another and are less satisfied and you have to walk the seats ... :: lazy baguette yes :: .. this is easy enough. Using this software, we can chat with Radmin 3.3 without an internet connection, see other computer activities, enter CMD or make full control (you can use the computer fully).

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