Radmin 3.5.2 Remote Desktop Computer

Radmin 3.5.2 - Best Remote PC Access Software in 2019

Radmin 3.5.2 provides high-speed communication between a remote computer and several client computers; Radmin is ideal for IT professionals with Windows devices. This is more technical than competing applications, but offers the features that the IT department needs to provide remote support without unnecessary features that minimize performance. Radmin 3.5.2 focuses on providing remote computer support solutions for large companies and organizations using Windows, such as schools, universities, and hospitals. 

The multilingual user interface and built-in help are also very useful because large companies tend to have an international workforce. Radmin beat most of its competitors when it comes to security. Each connection is secured by 256-bit encryption, blank screen functions and keyboard lock.

Radmin Prices and Software Packages

Radmin Radmin 3.5.2 receives a one-time fee, which includes permanent licenses, small updates, technical support ticketing systems, mass distribution and editing tools. There are five remote access packages and help desk options. The main difference between each packet is the number of remote computers that can be accessed.
Some of the features and specifications of the packages available in Radmin are:
  • Standard license: This package is good for a single remote computer and is $ 49.
  • 50 licensed packages: This package costs $ 1,490 and allows access to 50 remote computers.
  • 100 licensed packages: This package costs $ 2,490 and allows access to 100 remote computers.
  • 150 licensed packages: This package allows access to up to 150 remote computers. You should contact our sales department for quotation.
  • Volume licenses: This package provides access to 200 or more remote computers. You should contact Radmin's sales department to ask for fees.
  • Help desk license: This package is intended for remote computers that do not belong to the service provider. Purchase of at least 50 licenses is valid and you must contact the sales department for a quote.
  • properties
  • Radmin offers a variety of services and features for remote PC access, including:
  • Installation: To establish a connection, the server module must be installed to the remote computer and the client - also called the viewer - the module must be installed on the local computer. You have the option to keep a computer and server unsupervised via LAN or internet.
  • Cross-platform access: Radmin works only on all Windows platforms; however, there is also the option to connect to Linux devices as long as you integrate with Wine.
  • Security: Radmin provides excellent security using 256-bit encryption. You can also use IP filtering, which allows you to restrict access to certain hosts and networks.
  • File transfer: Transferring files is as easy as dragging encrypted content from one device to another. Radmin uses a unique feature that updates only different file segments between machines. If a network error occurs during transmission, the software resumes the transfer.
  • Session enrollment: Even if you cannot perform extensive log recording steps, Radmin stores all software operations and events in log files for future reference.
  • Communication features: Radmin Viewer has a variety of sharing tools, such as a two-way clip board with Unicode support. It also allows chat conversations between hosts and viewers through text, voice and message modes.
  • Many languages: A multi-lingual user interface and built-in help. This is ideal for international customers.
  • Scalability: Since Radmin software is a one-time purchase, you cannot reduce ratings. However, you can purchase additional software licenses if your business grows.
  • Customer service and resources: If you need help, you can send a help ticket to technical support or contact them via e-mail. There is also a knowledge base available.

Download Radmin Remote Desktop Software :
Radmin v.3.5.2 Server
Free Driver
Radmin v. 3.5.2 Viewer
Free Driver


Radmin 3.5.2 this software has some of the best security measures we evaluate. This requires 256-bit encryption, uses a 2.048-bit key size for secure user authentication, and supports the automatic use of incoming user credentials and Kerberos authentication. All data, including screenshots, cursor movements, and keyboard signals, is always encrypted. This software provides IP filtering to ensure that the device is approved and secure. It also allows you to limit remote computer access, which is very useful when running the demo or participating in a web conference.

Another advantage of Radmin's remote PC access software is its ability to support advanced display solutions. For example, it supports high-resolution display and special key presses. This is a feature that is often lost or left behind in competing software. It also supports displaying a full keyboard and animated and alpha remote cursor computers. This allows you to set up your remote computer and view it on the client's computer.

Although Radmin 3.5.2 offers a high security and sophisticated display, it does not leave behind the software. You can quickly access and transfer information from one device to another. This is an important feature when doing IT solutions or doing medical work.

Ease of Use

The first application of Radmin's remote PC access software was deeper than other remote PC solutions. Upright learning curves and technical support rarely make it more suitable for individuals or companies that understand computer networks with the IT department. It offers many advantages after being connected. Fast connection and minimal time loss are very useful for IT support and access to large organizations such as schools and hospitals. Take maximum security measures when accessing personal or confidential information. 

This one-time software cost is ideal for cost savings if you're expecting constant remote PC access over a long period of time. Although there is little technical support, there is a very detailed knowledge base.

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