rdesktop version 1.8.4


rdesktop is currently running on most UNIX-based platforms with X Window Systems and other ports must be pretty easy. rdesktop is issued under the rights of the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 3.  Patches can also be sent as a pull request on GitHub. The rdesktop project is hosted on GitHub. See the GitHub rdesktop organization for more information.


The latest stable version of rdesktop is currently v1.8.4. This release includes fixes for 21 vulnerabilities on the desktop when a malicious RDP server is used. All vulnerabilities were detected and reported by Eyal Itkin. The previous version of Rdesktop and the related change log are available on the rdesktop project version page in GitHub.

You can also download snapshots from the current development version, which is intermittently unstable when new features are developed.

Download this link from below:
Vesion 1.8.4

rdesktop is software for the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client that is supported by the following operating systems: RDP which has been used in a number of Microsoft products, including Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, and Windows NT Terminal Server operating systems. 

Some features are supported by this port :

  • Full screen mode
  • Audio output
  • Proper RDP mode
  • Dashboard orientation (text and images)
  • Directory routing
  • Replacing serial devices

See also FreeRDP for more complete protocol implementation. This software is distributed as a compressed package. You must download and install manually; If a prerequisite is required, you must also install it manually.

Manual installation

The program is distributed as a ZIP package: Download to a temporary directory and open the package to the destination folder. See below for download links. See the readme.os2 file for instructions. Here is a list of the prerequisites that you must install manually to run the program:
  • Phoenix OS / 4 cores
  • KLIBC / GCC Runtime Library
  • GNU very delicate arithmetic library (GMP)
  • GnuTLS Transport Layer Security Library
  • Dead nettle


The Rdesktop project is registered in Bountysource, which allows users to earn rewards for the problems they want to fix or to return existing gifts. Donations to the desktop project are also made through Bountysource. The desktop team will use donations to support new or existing gifts. If you are a programmer who needs extra money. Troubleshoot gifts that are supported by gifts and fulfill your requests. When a withdrawal request is received and merged, you must claim the prize at Bountysource and the fans will choose to accept it.

RDP smooth

SeamlessRDP server extensions can be used to support individual application integration with client desktops. The minimum requirement to run the SeamlessRDP component is Windows Server 2008r2 or later. SeamlessRDP is issued under the auspices of the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 3.  SeamlessRDP is now a rdesktop subproject that has its own repository and problem tracker. Unfortunately, the compiled binaries are not currently available. We hope to provide in the future.

Professional Services

Professional services such as special development are offered by the following companies:
  • Cendio AB (Sweden)
  • Cranberries (England)
  • Revolution Linux (Canada)
  • DisklessWorkstations.com (US)
  • Morphodo.com (Germany)
  • If you want to be included in this list, please contact us in the developer mailing list.

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