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Remote Desktop Android From PC - If you are a Windows user, maybe you already know the Remote Desktop Connection application, which is the default Windows application to do another PC remote. So what about Android? Is there a feature to do remote on an Android device? In the previous article I discussed how to remote an Android device through the Airdroid PC Suite web. But the function of this airdroid application is only limited to PC Suite applications which can only be used to perform simple controls such as read send SMS, file management, application management, etc. However, this airdroid application cannot be used to fully control remote Android devices.

Now in this article I will discuss a little of the many remote applications that allow you to fully control remote Android devices. What are the applications? We see one by one here :

Android Screencast

Android Screencast is one small application that can be used to do remote on an Android device. This application only requires a Screencast application that is on the PC and does not need any installation on an Android device. When you download this application, you will find a small application with the extension .jar and maybe you won't be able to open this application. Do not worry first, because this application is indeed an application created in the Java platform so that to run this application, you must first install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) with a size of about 20MB. 

This application can run on various OSes including Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, etc. as long as the OS is installed JRE. In addition to requiring JRE, this application also requires an Android SDK to be able to run and requires an Android device to be rooted to be able to be remote.

Download this link below :
VNC Android Viewer
Free Driver
Droid VNC Server
Free Driver

Droid VNC Server

The next alternative that is simpler is remote using VNC (Virtual Network Computing), which is a technology that allows a computer to interact by controlling other computers in a network. This application works with the Client-Server system, where the server is a device that will be remote, and the client is a remote device. From the workings above, it is clear that we will need two applications, namely the VNC server application installed on Android, and the VNC Client application that we install on the PC.

One VNC Server application on the Android platform is Droid VNC Server, and for VNC Client installed on a PC, you can use Real VNC Viewer.

The steps for running VNC are less than this:

  1. Make sure the computer and Android are connected, you can use wireless tethering on android and connect the PC to the wifi and can communicate with each other.
  2. Run Droid VNC Server on your Android, and look at the IP and Port numbers, you can also change the password in the settings section to limit who can remote your device.
  3. Run VNC Viewer on a PC, create a VNC connection by entering your IP, port, and password.
  4. You can do remote on an Android device.

Advantages :

  • Easy installation, just install the VNC Client + Server application above without the need for additional applications
  • VNC is a technology commonly used to do remote
  • If you have installed JRE, then the remote can be done via the web without having to install VNC Viewer by typing http: // [ip_android]: [port_vnc] in a web browser.
  • There are various choices of VNC viewer applications besides Real VNC and are available on various platforms.

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