Remote Desktop Android From PC

AirDroid: Manage Your Android Remotely from a Web Browser

Remote Desktop Android From PC. Lately, most people are using Android phones and / or tablets because they are often not luxury or fashionable accessories. Android devices carry heavy loads from your shoulders, especially for those traveling and / or doing too much work. Your Android allows you to do many tasks on very small electronic devices - contact people, manage your contact list, manage applications, modify files, and more. However, if you are working on a desktop computer, for example, and have to take your mobile phone or tablet frequently to respond to text messages, managing your Android device can easily prevent productivity or efficiency.

Fortunately, there is a solution like AirDroid which is an app that can help you manage Android remotely. In this guide, learn how to manage Android remotely from a Web browser via AirDroid. At the end of this publication, you can also skip our video guide. AirDroid allows you to use and manage your Android device wirelessly using only a Web browser. This is a wireless solution for those who hate to move frequently between computers and mobile phones / tablets.

Everything you need to use AirDroid is as follows:

  • Android phone or tablet with AirDroid installed. AirDroid is available free of charge from the Play Store.
  • Desktop, laptop or netbook computers with standard Web browsers (for example, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera). Unlike most other wireless solutions or remote administrators for smart phones, AirDroid does not require you to install additional software applications on your PC, because you can reach AirDroid directly from any Web browser. 
  • Wireless LAN. At least you need your Android device to connect to a local wireless network. However, if you want to enjoy more features and options for AirDroid, it is preferable to have an internet connection. AirDroid acts as a control center that accesses your data on your Android device and provides data to your Web browser. Your Internet connection acts as a path between AirDroid and your computer.

Prepare and Connect Remotely

Connection is the heart and spirit of AirDroid. Without the right connection, you cannot use AirDroid to remotely manage your device. Let's talk about how to install AirDroid first.

AirDroid Setup

When you run AirDroid for the first time after you install it, the application asks you to log in to your AirDroid account or create a new account. You can use this application even without an AirDroid account, but the more features are available to you, so I suggest you sign up if you have an account. After that, you are given the option to enable Anti-theft Phone Find, which will help you to remotely locate, lock, and delete data on your device. Activate the Calling Phone if you want to use it with AirDroid. To run Phone Find, you need to add AirDroid as Device Manager.
Now you have to connect AirDroid to your web browser.

Connect Remotely

Before connecting your Android to AirDroid, we recommend that you disable the "Power Saver Mode" in the AirDroid Settings menu and enable the "Wake Screen" option to prevent the AirDroid from being shutting down when you are not using your device and keeping your device connected. Restart the application to apply the new settings. This setting can increase the AirDroid connection, but you can also drain your device's battery so that you can keep your device connected or locked while using AirDroid.

On the AirDroid home page you will find tabs for Links, Tools, and Suggestions. The Tools tab provides useful tools, such as file manager and task, and the Recommendation tab lists application suggestions. For now, let's focus on the Connection tab that looks like this : If your Android device and Web browser are connected to the same local network, you will see two addresses in the gray box. First, AirDroid displays the URL of the Web-based interface, and the second is the IP address and port number of your device on your local network.

Download AirDroid Remote Desktop for Android From PC :
AirDroid for Android
Free Driver

AirDroid Has Three Connection Modes:

  • Lite connection mode
  • LAN Connection Mode
  • Remote Connection Mode

Remote Connection Mode

If your Android device and Web browser are not connected to the same local network but are both connected to the Internet, they will be connected to AirDroid Remote Connection Mode. Even though Android devices and Web browsers are not in the same local network, connectivity is one of the key features that distinguishes AirDroid from many genres. Remote Connection Mode is basically similar to LAN Connection Mode, but instead of connecting between devices and Web browsers via local networks, these connections are cloud-based - especially as meeting points on AirDroid remote servers. 

Therefore, while Remote Connection Mode has a data limit of 100 MB per month for free users, premium users have a data limit of 1,000 MB per month (1.0 GB). Be careful when using Remote Mode Connection over a cellular data connection, as you may incur additional charges from your network. In addition, various features (eg, Camera and Search Features) that are available free of charge in LAN Connection Mode are only available to first-rate users in Remote Connection Mode.

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