Download Remote Desktop Control v3.0 Remote Desktop Control Computers and home networks are becoming increasingly popular. Every adult has a laptop, children have computer games; computer-based media centers are also common. Some advanced users go even further: the old jokes about married couples communicating via email or instant messaging. Passing from one computer to another requires a lot of time and is uncomfortable with the main purpose. Also, remember that your favorite mouse is the most ergonomic and smooth in the world, and that the most modern and multifunction multimedia keyboard is connected to only one computer.

Remote Desktop Control v3.0

Download Remote Desktop Control v3.0

Remote Desktop Control Computers and home networks are becoming increasingly popular. Every adult has a laptop, children have computer games; computer-based media centers are also common. Some advanced users go even further: the old jokes about married couples communicating via email or instant messaging. Passing from one computer to another requires a lot of time and is uncomfortable with the main purpose. Also, remember that your favorite mouse is the most ergonomic and smooth in the world, and that the most modern and multifunction multimedia keyboard is connected to only one computer.

Under this light, using another computer can make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. For this reason, it is very reasonable to work with other computers without leaving your own favorite seat and a set PC. It makes more sense when the remote PC you need is located on another floor, in another building, or even in another country. We always need to install software / applications on each computer. For example, you can install the latest antivirus or database utility on your laptop, your wife's laptop, and your child's computer ... ah (I almost forgot!) And the family media center in the living room.

What would you suggest in such a situation? Can you copy the software to a floppy disk and open each machine? Very tiring and boring, I also don't remember that my wife's laptop had even a disk drive! Modern solutions look like this: Connected to another computer using Remote Desktop Control from your PC. You can connect to a computer at the same time or at the same time. Run the setup file on each machine, that's all. You don't even have to leave your comfortable chair.


Remote Assistance is now much easier than before.

To support remote users, simply send a private link to them by email. You can access this link by clicking on "Add New Computer" button in Admin Module. When a user clicks on this link, the PC automatically appears in your Admin address book and can access it remotely. There he is! Users do not need to do anything else. Now it's easy, so it's hard to believe it's possible. Remote help, now a real click! Try the new version.

Full compatibility with Windows 7.

You must work hundreds of hours to develop and test Remote Desktop Control products that are fully compatible with all versions of Windows 7 (including 64-bit versions). By updating the operating system, our users won't worry about compatibility.

On a remote computer, press "Ctrl + Alt + Del" on Windows 7.

By working under Windows 7, a compatible version, we also developed the ability to send Ctlr + Alt + Del keystrokes to a remote computer in Windows 7. Now you can easily access Windows 7 PC remotely when prompted to press Alt + Ctrl + Del to log on. Multi-monitor system support (when two or more monitors are connected to the same PC Host). Users who enjoy working with two or more monitors (designers, developers, etc.) can now enjoy multi-monitor support. This feature applies to Remote Desktop Control 3.0. Any remote monitor (or everything together) can be displayed on the Admin screen at that time.

Text Chat between Administrator and Host users.

Communication between Admin and Server users is a vital part of remote support and assistance. So far, you need to use third-party communication software like Skype ... Version 3.0 includes the default Text Chat. Chat should be started by Administrator users and is very easy to use.

You have your own independent Gateway Online Server.

Good news for companies that like our Online Gateway Connection, but do not want to link their computers over their servers, who want total autonomy from our services or do not want to pay an annual fee for this service. At your request, we can provide you with an Unlimited Enterprise version of Remote Desktop Control, which doesn't only allow you to connect to an unlimited number of PCs, but it doesn't require annual payment and allows you to have your own gateway server (own hosting).

New license model.

In the past, we have only proposed a license model: you have paid the number of remote computers you want to remotely control. A separate license is required for each PC. What if you are a helpdesk company and you need to support your customers remotely? Maybe you have new customers every day and it's not a good idea to buy a new license for every new customer you want to support. Now, we offer an alternative licensing model for "Administrator per seat", where you can only pay for PC Administrator and have the ability to control an unlimited number of remote users without purchasing a Host license. Therefore, only one PC Manager needs a license, but it is not a remote PC Host. Please contact us for more information about this new license model.

Download Remote Desktop Control :
Version 3.0
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Advanced interface and availability.

The software interface now looks much better. With Windows 7 modern styled interface, this software looks gorgeous and is now more user-friendly!

Connection via proxy.

News is good for companies and users that use Proxy servers for Internet connections. Remote Desktop Control 3.0 allows you to connect to a remote computer using a Proxy server. Now you need to check the "Connect with Proxy" option in the Online Account login screen and enter the details of the Proxy server. The software handles the rest: connections will be made via proxy.

Press "Alt + Tab" on the remote PC.

The new version allows you to press Alt + Tab on a remote PC, allowing you to easily switch between applications on the remote desktop. Use the appropriate menu command from the Remote Screen window to press Alt + Tab on the remote PC.

The remote desktop has translucent elements.

In the previous version, if some remote desktop translucent items are not visible in the Admin remote Screen, Administrator users have experienced discomfort: for example, several MS Word buttons. The new version displays all remote desktop items.

Remote installation of Host Modules with special option presets.

If you are a system administrator and need to install Remote Desktop Control on many remote computers in your domain, you can spend time visiting each computer individually. The Remote Installer in the administrator module makes it possible to install Host modules on multiple computers at the same time. The previous version does not set the Host module options that you want to apply to remote PCs (for example, "Hide tray icons", etc.). The new version no longer has a limit. Any setting can be made in advance by the Administrator and can be applied remotely to the PC Host remotely after installation.

Ability to create a thirsty installation package with special settings from Host Module.

If you contact a fake user with the desire to install the Host Module on his PC, it may be a good idea to give the user a one-click installation package that does not require any data to be entered during the setup process. Passwords, account names, etc. It would be better to have special options as needed. Automatically applied. With Remote Desktop Control 3.0 now real! Using custom tools added to the administrator module, you can create a custom installation package that can be used with one-click silent installations. Publish such a silent installation package between your customers and save time: You don't need to instruct fake users how to install Host Modules on their computers.

Detailed information about Host PC in admin address book

The new Administrator module displays some important information about remote computers in the address book. These include: domain names, IP addresses, user names, Windows versions, and so on. All of these details give the Administrator a complaint image from a remote computer and its configuration.

Disables Windows visual effects to increase connection speed

To speed up the performance of a remote desktop connection, you can turn off Windows visual effects on a remote computer for a remote help session. Windows Themes, desktop backgrounds and so on. Like affects. It can be disabled on a remote computer, which reduces network traffic and, as a result, speeds up connections. This is very useful for slow Internet connections or cellular Internet outside the good signal zone.

Ability to disable Direct Connection mode for security reasons

Although Direct Connection mode is protected by an Access Password, in some cases you may want to disable this connection type for PC Host and leave the Gateway Online service as a single option for remote access to this Host. Enterprise users liked this feature, especially if they are using Gateway Online servers in isolated corporate networks.

Customization of software according to your choice.

Other good news that we can customize with Remote Desktop Software according to your needs: change existing features, add your logo to the software interface, or develop new functionality quickly according to your wishes. In most cases, new features are developed for one or two days. We charge hourly for special development and our prices are very low. For example, we can add your logo and brand name to the software for only $ 50.

To disable File Transfer in Host PC settings.

If you are a Host user who needs remote assistance but is skeptical of the simplicity of a remote IT professional, you can optionally disable remote access to your files and dashboards to prevent your sensitive data from being played remotely by IT during the remote support process. Remote IT professionals will be able to control your desktop remotely, but this will be under your control, and no one will be able to play your files.

Ost User Permissions are required for administrator actions.

This new option is disabled by default, but can be easily enabled with Host Module settings. This greatly increases the security of the Host, because the remote Administrator users can do nothing with your Host without your permission. Any attempt by the Remote Administrator to perform any operation on your PC will be accompanied by a request to accept or cancel the job.

A password is not required for an Online Account connection.

In the previous version, it wasn't appropriate to enter 2 different passwords to connect to a remote computer: First, the Online Account password to enter the Online Account and the second to access the personal computers remotely. In the new version, you cannot enter an Access Password when you connect to a PC remotely from your account. It is safe to use only one password. This option is enabled by default in version 3.x. However, if you still want to use 2 different passwords, you can enable the Access Password in the Main Module settings. Note: In Direct Connection mode, Access Passwords are always used and cannot be disabled.

Administrator user with individual credentials and permissions.

This feature is available in the Unlimited Corporate Edition and allows you to create multiple administrator users for online gateway connections. Each user will enter his / her account with his / her personal account and password. The company's main administrator can allow secondary administrator users to access the remote host. Thus, a Host can be allowed to access an Administrator, but can be canceled to access other Administrators.

Detailed reports about any action performed by the administrator users in the PC Host.

This new feature is included in a limited number of Remote Desktop Audits of the Company. This allows you to create reports for any period of time in relation to operations performed by Administrator users in a remote PC Host. Operations such as File Transfer, Remote Desktop sessions and times are saved. Using this report, your company can adjust the salary to Admin users based on the amount of time they spend to support remote users. Or you can bill your customers by providing a report on the actions you've taken during the remote help session.

The connection speed has increased rapidly through Online Accounts.

If you are connected to a remote PC, the software attempts to establish a peer-to-peer connection to a remote PC instead of using a Gateway Server. This is much faster than the previous version, in which the connection and traffic flow is only performed through the Gateway Server. The new version automatically detects the fastest connection method.

Advanced Remote Screen Scaling Options - quality and performance.

The new version makes it possible to use any scaling factor to display remote screens: for example, if the screen is much smaller than the locale, the software can extend remote desktop images to your entire screen. Also the scaling quality has been improved and now looks very smooth.

Installation-free, one-click version Administrator module

When you need to access the remote computer urgently, run the portable version of the Administrator module and immediately access the remote PC via an Online Account. No need to waste time for installation: just run from our website

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