ScreenLeap Review

ScreenLeap is an online application that can make it easier for you to do a screen share with just a few clicks and your friends screen share you don't need to install screenleap too. After you use screenleap, you will get a link or code that must be sent to your friend's screen share. This way your friends can immediately enjoy the screen share without having to bother. If you have finished sharing, you only have to click the Stop sharing button.

ScreenLeap is a free web application that you can share your screen with in one second, with one click, via the internet, without downloading anything. What you really need is Java, the only one that must be installed on your PC. To use ScreenLeap, you don't even need to register an account and, with that, it is possible to allow other people to see their PC desktop, at the same time.

After the screen is visible, you will get a link that you can send to as many people as possible, to show what you are doing. Or, you can give them a security code. You can share the entire screen or only the selected area. This web application is useful when you want to show someone how to do something, or when you want to share a presentation with coworkers but does not allow you to use a PC remotely.

What's New in Version 2

  • The following options are new to the 2nd edition of the Screenleap API, released in autumn 2013. Documentation for v1.

Presenter Application Types

There are two types of new presentations for sharing :
  • Original application - This presentation application works locally on the user's machine; this means that your users do not need to install additional third-party software (such as Java).
  • Browser extensions - It may take a few seconds to install browser extensions and allow your users to easily share web browser content without downloading any additional software.

Screen Sharing Options

We've added new configuration options for new screen sharing requests :
  • Show Screenleap Branding - Place the Screenleap logo on the top bar of the viewer and the title bar of the console by changing your company name. Sharing non-SSL screens with this option is billed at a discount.
  • Hide Stop Button - Hide the stop button on the server console.
  • Hide Pause Button - Hide the pause button on the server's console.
  • Hide Screen Toggle - Hide pop-up window to toggle between partial and full screen modes.
  • Start Paused - Start screen sharing in a paused state. This ensures that no data is sent to the viewer until you have set the presenter and finished canceling the screen pane.
  • Title - If showScreenleapBranding is incorrect, you can provide a title to be used in the viewer's top bar and console title bar instead of your company name.
  • Language - Localization for console server and viewer page is now available. Contact us for more information.
Download ScreenLeap New Version 2 :
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ScreenLeap as a whole is a tool for sharing your desktop with other people and the test results are quite good on a computer viewer. Delay occurs when we do something on our computer screen. When using this tool, please remember to close the window that displays your personal sensitive information. ScreenLeap distinguishes screen sharing by providing desktops and browsers that share separately. For desktop sharing you can use the desktop application for Windows or Mac app to share Mac desktop screens. For browser sharing you will need to use the Chrome extension and only the contents of your browser will be shared.

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