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TeamViewer is software that is used by remote control, desktop sharing and online meetings. This TeamViewer can be run on various operating systems, such as Windows, Linux or Mac. You can use TeamViewer for non-commercial purposes or for personal purposes. The paid version of TeamViewer is usually used for large-scale commercial purposes such as in companies. TeamViewer was first introduced in 2009 by TeamViewer GmbH. Then what are the uses of TeamViewer? Consider the explanation below :

The use of TeamViewer

TeamViewer has various functions, including the following :
  1. Remote Control, which is meant by a remote control is a device (computer, laptop or smartphone) that is able to access other devices remotely. For example, when there is a network problem with your company, you can use TeamViewer to access the administrator's computer and fix the problems that occur. You no longer need to go to the office, you can use this remote control feature and control it from a computer, laptop or smartphone via the internet.
  2. Desktop Sharing, the desktop sharing feature in question is that you can see and operate what other computers do on your computer. So you can access other computers on different computers.
  3. Online Meeting, this feature is very helpful for companies to conduct meetings online. No more needing to meet in one place to do a meeting, companies can use TeamViewer to meet wherever and whenever while connected on the internet.
  4. Web conference, this feature is more or less the same as online meeting. It's just that this feature serves to display a conference or a seminar and its users (connected devices) can watch it directly.
  5. File Transfer, the last of the uses of TeamViewer is being able to transfer documents online. So it's only enough to connect to the internet, so you can send documents quickly to your office friends.

Latest TeamViewer downloads

TeamViewer is software or software that can be relied on for remote control. You can do meetings anywhere or remotely PC another easily and quickly, enough with the help of this software and internet connection. Download the latest and free TeamViewer via the link below:

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Many Cursors

TeamViewer offers remote control of other computers and a variety of communication possibilities. Connecting to another computer requires you to enter the computer's TeamViewer ID and password. Approval is not required, but the host does not lose control of the mouse and keyboard and may disconnect at any time. Because after the connection is established, TeamViewer opens a control window where you can check the session. You can also organize meetings and conferences. You can make presentations where many computers can connect to your computer and monitor your screen activity. 

You can also make voice and video calls that many people can join. All you have to do is send an invitation link to each guest. Easy communication during TeamViewer operations. Guests and hosts can chat using the private chat window. As for my design, the blue color scheme is blue reminding us of Facebook. The text is clear and the buttons are large enough to quickly cut buttons if necessary.

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