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TeamViewer is a remote controlled computer software application, and also uses it for desktop screen sharing, online meetings, web conferencing, and sharing files between other computers. This software can be operated on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Android. In Indonesia, the Viewer team is used by programmers for remote computers. The company center wants to improve the company's software in Surabaya. A programmer does not have to bother going to a branch office in Surabaya enough to repair through a workplace where the programmer is domiciled.

So we can control or access other computers through our computers. Well, the remote function here is that we can control other computers remotely, so it is as if we are in front of the computer machine in question, provided there is a network that connects the two, for example the internet. This team review software can be used free of charge both for personal use or non-commercial use. 

Control your PC remotely from all over the world, take over someone's desktop to demo, transfer files, host meetings and presentations with many TeamViewer users is an application to make a remote connection between 2 computers or more. TeamViewer is a PC remote access solution that allows us to connect with non-local computers. TeamViewer is very good for technical support which makes it easy for us to do a demo or web conference.

What is TeamViewer for Windows?

TeamViewer is the best free application for remote desktop, nowadays. When compared to other remote access applications that offer a more intuitive logging process, TeamViewer offers a different approach. TeamViewer gives the host PC a password and a number where the password can be changed, but the unique number cannot be changed. Well, the number given to you was then given to someone else who wanted to access your computer. You can save the person you are remote with from your desktop to the contact list provided by TeamViewer.

Advantages of Using TeamViewer Applications :

  • TeamViewer has a switch feature where users can determine who has a remote controller, and can be changed. This is important, especially if you are working with other users again and the user needs temporary access to your computer, just click the button and the user can have full control. If you have, to restore access control to you, just click the switch button.
  • TeamViewer optimizes display speed and quality depending on the connection you use. Certainly, you can get maximum performance when you have TeamViewer through a LAN (Local Area Network).
  • Even if you have a lot of luck and want to upgrade from the free version of TeamViewer to the paid version, the license is not expensive when compared to the profits you get.
  • After purchasing the full version of TeamViewer license, so already. Pay only once, free updates for life, and no usage restrictions.
  • You can host free installations if you have a license.
  • Free TeamViewer for Windows is a very safe application. All connections that occur all are encrypted through 256-bit AES and 2048-bit RSA encryption (FYI, AES and RSA are types of cryptographic encryption).
  • One TeamViewer software is enough to do (almost) everything related to remote desktop. You will also get other features such as fast support, remote maintenance, access to many computers, online meetings, home offices, presentations, teamwork and training sessions.
  • When you use the TeamViewer application, just relax. No need to worry because of blocked port problems, firewalls, or NAT routing, because TeamViewer will make connections to remote computers at any time.
  • In conclusion, if you are in need of remote control of your PC, let's download TeamViewer 9 ...! The interface is very user friendly, easy to use at any time.
Download TeamViewer 9 for Windows :
TeamViewer v.9
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