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TeamViewer Alternative - TeamViewer is a popular professional choice for bringing remote management and team members for external service providers to online meetings in different locations.TeamViewer remote access software is easy to use and scalable and allows you to connect and monitor any device anywhere in the world. From desktop to desktop, from desktop to mobile devices, from mobile devices to mobile devices, or to unattended devices such as IoT servers and devices. We have tested and analyzed similar programs and now we will offer the best TeamViewer alternatives.


If you're using TeamViewer for online meetings, you'll find a good alternative to Mikogo, but it's not free for TeamViewer. Because it is not necessary to download or install to use this program, it can be accessed directly from the browser, Windows, macOS and Linux on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The browser-based HTML viewer allows up to 25 users to access the computer at the same time. Roles can be easily activated and you can remotely control other computers as long as they are accessed.
The integrated data transfer function allows the transfer of data between the participants and the participants. In addition, Mikogo also has all the standard features and also works for online meeting software: chat features, the ability to record sessions, and an interactive whiteboard. For single users (maximum one participant per session), the demo version is free. After a trial period of 14 days, you will need to pay for the professional version if you want to continue using the software.
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ThinVNC software provides screen sharing, remote desktop features, and file sharing. With ThinVNC you get a convenient remote program for beginners with simple setup and fast and complex settings. The client can be used without having to install the software, because the Windows desktop remote control is possible from any HTML5 supported web browser. ThinVNC also uses AJAX and JSON and therefore manages it without additional software or browser add-ons. Data transfer is also very simple. 
Practically, you can access local computers from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. If you want to access a PC through a browser, not just from your own network, from anywhere in the world, you need to know a little bit about routers and dynamic DNS providers. So far, this tool is free to download, but now only the ThinVNC code remains a free open source solution, but this product is no longer regularly protected for stopping practically. 
Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation offers cost-based prices only.
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Half of the members of the AnyDesk Project development team also developed TeamViewer, therefore AnyDesk is one of TeamViewer's alternatives strongly recommended. The aim is to develop an advanced transfer method. Remote connection with AnyDesk should be faster and sharper than TeamViewer and less likely to be left behind. A specially developed process is called DeskRT and aims to reduce the volume of data during transmission. According to the manufacturer, it is possible to double the frame rate; this means that data delays are just a quarter of what the 'big brother' is, TeamViewer's experience. 
The manufacturer claims that AnyDesk is the anda fastest TeamViewer alternative in the world or - in our overall review this score is also good in terms of image quality. In practice, this means that even complex programs such as graphics and image processing tools can be run remotely without having to rely on low image quality. Apart from the advanced technical infrastructure, this program is actually quite user-friendly. The free version is only available for private users; professional users and companies must pay.
AnyDesk v.4.3.0
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Open source software applications, UltraVNC, are Remote Desktop Software that we can make a good alternative for TeamViewer for Windows users. Developed and distributed under the free GPLv2 license. Software packages from the viewer (client) and the server (remote PC) help you manage and manage remote connections. It uses the Virtual Network Calculation (VNC) policy based on the RFB (Remote Framebuffer) protocol. Remote connections using these two components allow, for example, to send files in an uncomplicated way and to modify text-based messages and various authentication methods (eight-digit DES passwords, MS inputs I and II).

Both client and server components of free remote software offer comprehensive configuration. This makes a great deal of concessions. However, they make it difficult for less experienced users to understand UltraVNC because of the old-fashioned menu interface. TeamViewer alternatives are also suitable for workshops and presentations, as signals from server applications can be received and viewed by a large number of viewers. It is possible to edit programs via the toolbar or server module, so that only the individual desktop windows are transferred; this means that participants are directed to important information.
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Chrome Remote Desktop

If you want to find an alternative to the TeamViewer remote function, you don't need to use a complex program. A fast and easy to use Google Chrome extension will help. If the web browser is installed on the computer and you have a Google account, you can use Chrome Remote Desktop to access and remotely control the remote computer over the internet. And you can use services on all platforms in a browser operated by a huge search engine. In addition, there are applications for Android and iOS devices, such as TeamViewer. 
You must allow access before your computer can be remotely managed. As soon as access is allowed, the Chrome Remote Desktop Host software is automatically downloaded as part of the sharing process. Only after installation, the system is ready for remote control. Then use the host program to create a specific code that will be required for access. Chrome Extensions do not offer additional features such as screen sharing, chat, or video conferencing.
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WebEx Meeting

In 2007, Cisco, a telecommunications company, acquired WebEx Communications, a subsidiary of WebEx Communications, which has since been developing and distributing various software solutions for collaboration within the company. With the WebEx meeting, the company also offers a very good alternative for TeamViewer, which focuses on web conferences. Like all WebEx products, meeting applications can also be accessed through Cisco WebEx Cloud deployed in data centers worldwide (including backup and caching) to provide maximum bandwidth and availability for each user.
With Free WebEx Meeting you have the opportunity to make free online meetings with two other participants. If you need additional capacity and features, you should purchase a premium package. With this, you can organize web conferences up to 100 participants, access various screen sharing options (full screen, individual applications, etc.) and create custom user profiles. to assign a moderator. Premium packages also allow you to remotely access the system, protect meetings using passwords, and manage online meetings in Microsoft Outlook.
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LogMeIn Pro

The basic concept of a cost effective remote access tool is to optimize the deployment of resources and make it available from anywhere without ignoring the security aspect. To do this, you'll have a Cloud area of up to 1 TB to store all related files, applications, and projects in a single central location. On the other hand, LogMeIn provides various applications for Windows, MacOS, cellular systems; Cross-platform browser applications that allow you to connect remotely via iOS and Android, as well as on local networks and the Internet.
All sessions with LogMeIn Pro are secured with SSL / TLS. Also, the identity of the server is verified by using PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and the identity of the host is verified by using an appropriate secret key. Depending on the package (annual license), you can access up to ten computers, optionally display multiple monitors, and remotely access local printers. Several unlimited users may be allowed to access files stored in LogMeIn Cloud. 
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LogMeIn has another TeamViewer alternative, the web tool to add to the mix. It is a children's game that organizes and implements alternative online meetings. For this purpose, these service meetings provide access to the admin area, where you can easily edit and edit. All previous meetings are automatically archived, so you can take a look at what the invited user wants. In the free version of the web application, it is possible to make up to ten participants regular conferences and up to five video broadcasts - the only requirement is to download the application and register with In addition to chat, VoIP and video features, also allows you to share data and share screens.
In addition to the free version of the communication software, there are two non-ad-free subscription-based subscription modules. They include increased productivity characteristics (PRO) and additional administrative capabilities (IS). The first allows up to 50 users to participate in the meetings (ten on the video conference) and the second to 250 attendees to the meeting. Other functions include, among others, the ability to share individual window views, create a whiteboard, and allow other users to access it (iOS only), and add-ons for Outlook and Google calendars. In addition, 5GB (PRO) and 5TB (BUSINESS) Cloud storage is available to record meetings and can play them later.
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In remote applications, Splashtop is primarily designed to enjoy maximum comfort while accessing applications, projects or files regardless of the device they use. The company pays particular attention to the cellular sector. Depending on which Splashtop product you choose, there are various features available at a wide variety of costs. If you need a solution for remote access to the five devices on the local network, this makes Splashtop Personal, which is basically free, a great alternative to TeamViewer. However, this release is for non-commercial use only. Also, as with some client applications for some devices, remote access via the Internet is cost-based.
Splashtop Business allows professional remote management of devices in the corporate network. In this paid remote package, you cannot only transfer files, you can also access local printers and communicate with remote computer users via chat. TLS is encrypted (256 bit) characterized by built-in connectivity, high stability and performance. With Splashtop Classroom and Mirroring360, there are still solutions to share additional screens that can allow you to easily send content, ideas or applications to your audience without having to rely on certain LAN hardware and cables.
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VNC Connect

For more than 15 years, RealVNC, a Cambridge-based software company, has provided a powerful remote program. Among them, companies that get awards using the VNC Connect Application are one of the best TeamViewer alternatives for their pesonal usage and work group organizations. Consisting of a server application for the computer you want to control and a display application installed and started on the work device, this professional tool gives you all the functions you need to remotely control other systems. They are automatically available on the Internet without a dedicated firewall or router configuration. To provide a high level of security, the session is not only encrypted, but also password protected.
While the free HOME version has five remote computer boundaries and is not commercially available, PROFESSIONAL provides yearly paid subscription and remote control of an unlimited number of target devices. This includes important features such as equivalent data transfer, remote printing or chat. The company's solution also encrypts sessions with 256-bit AES (HOME and PROFESSIONAL: 128-bit AES) and allows direct remote connections that do not require an Internet connection. However, none of these VNC Connect versions offer features for web conferences.
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