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TeamViewer Free Download - TeamViewer is a popular and easy-to-use remote desktop sharing tool available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. As soon as your friends and relatives know you know very little about computers, everything is over. They will continuously ask for your assistance in the most varied technology issues, such as a continuous and free customer support service.

TeamViewer is an application that allows you to remotely connect multiple workstations. There are many applications that allow remote controls on different systems, but TeamViewer is accessible and powerful. Whether it's to manage an IT department or just to help your neighbors improve their computers, it's worth installing on your system. Fortunately, you can trust TeamViewer Free to help you. TeamViewer Free gives you instant access to your friends, relatives and even your customers' desktop. Moreover, on the far side does not require technical skills, it is very easy to use.


  • Control transitions: With TeamViewer, all parties install the software and then connect to the session. Computer control can then be transferred from person to person, rather than as a one-way street, sometimes with this type of software.
  • Team sessions: You can add many parties to the link because the software gets its name for a reason. This is good when you manage a team of employees because you can switch back and forth where you need them at a particular time. Some links are organized into tabs, making it easy for you to stay organized and see where you need them.
  • File transfer: A great feature and has the ability to drag and drop files from one computer to another. That way, if you help someone solve a problem and need specific files, you don't have to waste time downloading them to their machines or sending an e-mail. If you already have a file, you can copy it in a few clicks.

TeamViewer is a great desktop sharing tool that lets you manage remote systems securely and without much technical knowledge.

Enhanced VoIP stability Links created with command line parameters display the remote control window again Ctrl + Alt + Del works more reliably Some PAC proxy scripts can be defined when separating them with semicolons. Repair: Some placement problems


TeamViewer's free version is a good choice if you need a solution that allows you to remotely access your computer or connect to your friends' or family's machines. Even non-technical people should not have any problems in making connections.

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