TeamViewer v.8.0 for Windows

TeamViewer v.8.0 Application for Windows

Days after launching TeamViewer Touch for Windows 8, the company behind the popular TeamViewer software is ready to download and download the latest version of TeamViewer 8 (desktop version) for Windows, Mac, and Linux. TeamViewer, the best free remote support, remote access and remote management tools, has gained new features with every major update. Sending sessions from one expert to another, commenting on sessions, remote account shutdown, and remote printing are some of the new features offered in this release.

Of course, easy remote printing is the best feature offered with this software version. With remote printing, you can easily print your documents even if your computer is not connected to the printer. For example, you can use this feature if you are surfing the Internet on a Windows-based tablet and want to print web pages using a printer connected to your home computer. The only requirement is to run version 8.0 on a Windows tablet or PC at home.

Users who cannot expect to use the latest version can now visit the download page (the link given at the end of this article) to begin downloading the settings file. You do not need to uninstall existing TeamViewer v7.0 to install V8.0. Download and run settings to update your TeamViewer software to v8.0. The best thing about TeamViewer is that it is completely free for personal and non-commercial use. Another nice thing, unlike many other free software, TeamViewer settings does not include browser toolbars and malware. 

Installer size only 4.50MB! Like the previous version, TeamViewer 8.0 is also fully compatible with Windows 8. If you are using a Windows 8-based tablet such as Microsoft Surface, we recommend that you install and try the TeamViewer Touch app, an application specifically designed for Windows 8 and touch screens.


TeamViewer Manager is a computer software application for controlling computers remotely, anytime and anywhere that can store detailed details of your partners in a database that can also be shared via internet networks with other supporters. Also includes logging functions and sophisticated reports for your connections.

Remote Control without Installation:

With TeamViewer, you can remotely control your computer anywhere via an Internet connection. It does not require installation, just by running the application on the two computers in question and connecting without going through a tight firewall.

Download TeamViewer v.8.0 for Windows :
Version.8.0 for Windows
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Remote Presentation of Products, Solutions and Services

The second TeamViewer mode allows you to show your desktop display to partners. one form is to display your friend's demo, product and presentation via the Internet in seconds.

File transfer:

TeamViewer offers integrated file transfer tools that allow you to copy files and folders from your computer to partner computers and don't need to through a tight firewall.

Works behind Firewalls:

The main difficulty in using remote control software is the firewall and ports that will be blocked, as well as NAT routing for local IP addresses. If you use TeamViewer, you don't need to worry about a firewall: TeamViewer will find a route to your partner.

Highest Security Standard:

TeamViewer is a very secure application solution. The commercial version of TeamViewer has a secure data source feature with key exchange and RC4 session coding, the same security criteria used by https / SSL.

No Installation Required:

To install TeamViewer, you don't need to use administrator privileges. Just double click and run it

High Performance:

Optimized for connections via the Internet, TeamViewer can support all active internet connections.

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