TeamViewer VS VNC

Summary of business plan

VNC® Connection

VNC® Connect is the most flexible and secure remote access in the industry and supporting software. Because instant support and device access capabilities are already available, a subscription provides remote access and support for your entire organization.


TeamViewer is one of the main players in the remote access software industry. This allows remote access to employees and helps desk functions to support colleagues and customers.

Why choose VNC® Connect instead of TeamViewer?

There are several reasons for choosing VNC® Connect instead of TeamViewer. We will discuss the following key points:
  1. VNC® Connect prepares remote access to all of your organizations or colleagues - Our users can license per person using the control, computer controlled, or combination. TeamViewer users can only pay per person to take control and this makes your company expensive and strange to use.
  2. VNC® Connect fully supports cloud-initiated and direct connections - Unlike TeamViewer focusing on cloud connections, VNC® Connect provides the same level of support for both connection methods.
  3. VNC® Connect is more economical than TeamViewer - VNC® Connect can save thousands of dollars per year compared to TeamViewer.
  4. Anyone using the uneducated VNC® Connect can use it - VNC® Connect is simple and intuitive. The TeamViewer interface is complex with a swollen feature set that makes use difficult.

VNC® Connect is available for remote access to all organizations and your scope
  • VNC® Connect offers a license for each technician per control and / or controlled computer.
  • TeamViewer can only be licensed for each technician who has control.

VNC® Connect offers the most flexible pricing structure on the market, enabling distribution throughout your organization. You can choose between 'server-based licenses' (where you pay per computer controlled) and 'viewer-based licenses' (where you're paying per person). You can even combine these two price structures as part of the same subscription. Consider an organization that is:
  • 75 staff who need access to their own office computer to work from home.
  • 25 servers where IT departments require remote access at any time.
  • 5 support staff to provide special help desk services.

With flexible pricing for VNC® Connect, this organization can license 100 'remote computers' and 5' technicians with a single subscription. Once 75 computer personnel and 25 servers have been licensed, anyone with permission can access them at any time (joined or unchecked). People who take control do not need a license for this device's access capabilities, and offer great discounts based on the number of remote computers you license. In the meantime, 5 support staffs have been turned into technicians and also have access to any customer's computer using the native VNC® Connect's immediate support capabilities. 

Therefore, technicians are licensed - devices are not - support staff can create sessions from any computer.

TeamViewer is designed primarily for help desk usage cases and the price structure reflects this focus. Users are limited to Viewer-based licenses, so in the example above you will need a separate product to support 100 remote computers (or you can spend thousands to provide each Team with a TeamViewer license). Using more than one remote access tool requires additional training and reduces department efficiency while increasing security risk and complexity. A customer with VNC® Connect does everything.

VNC® Connect supports cloud-initiated and direct connections

Contemporary organizations with diverse business ecosystems accept the benefits of combining cloud and direct connectivity to meet every remote access need.
  • VNC® Connect fully supports the direct connection to the clouds.
  • TeamViewer support for direct connection is not a basic feature.

The VNC® Connection connection option is very compatible with the cloud-initiated, cloud-crossing and full support for direct connection. The cloud connection provides free configuration access to computers worldwide without transmitting ports or VPNs. A direct connection offers more control and does not require access to the Internet, so organizations that support LAN environment or supportive compliance often require its use. See our Cloud and the VNC Connect documentation to find out why full support is very important for direct connection. 

TeamViewer is primarily designed for cloud connectivity. It is seen as a more complex and specific example of use for configuring direct connections with TeamViewer. Instead, Enterprise VNC® Connect subscribers provide a direct connection ready to use, and our technical support team can Use direct connection effectively.

VNC® Connect is more economical than TeamViewer

  • VNC® Connect prices are transparent and cost effective.
  • TeamViewer will have to make unpredictable and expensive updates.

VNC® Connect is one of the most cost-effective tools on the market and can save thousands of dollars each year compared to TeamViewer. To learn exactly how much you can save, please visit our purchase page or contact us directly. We are also more transparent; While our pricing page shows clearly the annual subscription fees (per computer or by the specified technician), TeamViewer shows monthly license fees - even if they only offer annual invoices. There may also be hidden fees for existing TeamViewer customers. If you have a continuous license to use TeamViewer (version 12 or earlier), you may have to buy an annual subscription (version 13 or newer) if you want to:
  1. You may find it difficult to obtain customer support for an older version, so if you encounter a problem, you may not get the help you need to fix or resolve.
  2. TeamViewer versions do not have backward compatibility, so if the customer or colleague you want to connect to has been updated, you will have to do so.

Switching from a TimViewer persistent license to an annual subscription is very expensive. In RealVNC®, if you are a continuous customer of VNC® 5.x, we are happy that you have updated to the annual VNC® Connect subscription and are taking advantage of the continuous security and efficiency enhancement program. However, if this doesn't work for you, we'll continue to support you, and since any version of our software is compatible with others, you can still contact updated people.

If you decide to renew the VNC® Connect annual subscription, you'll find that the cost of doing this is much more reasonable than TeamViewer.

Download TeamViewer and VNC :
Free Driver
Ultra VNC.exe
Free Driver

Anyone can use VNC® Connect without training:

  • VNC® Connect is light and efficient.
  • TeamViewer is complex, inflated and more difficult to use.

VNC® Connect is one of the well-known products in the world business market, which is currently the most intuitive remote access software on the market. We provide simple and secure remote access that everyone can use instantly without training. This ease of use means that it can be used for any department and extends business benefits from remote access to your entire organization. TeamViewer has complex features that will never be used by many customers, and it can function to make the software feel inflated and make it difficult for new users who are not IT professionals to learn.

Conclusion - this means for you

  1. VNC® Connect can cover all remote access usage situations in a single subscription.
  2. You can use VNC® Connect as part of a consolidated remote access strategy.

VNC® Connect is available in your organization. A tool includes every use case: a help desk, providing remote training for customers, home-based staff, management of unattended devices and more. This saves you time and money and reduces security risks by using several tools. Our software is very safe and easy for everyone to use and is one of the most cost-effective and transparent subscriptions on the market. With VNC® Connect, there are no hidden fees.

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