TightVNC 2.8.8

Download the Latest TightVNC 2.8.8

TightVNC is an application or software that you can use to process remote desktop computers or PCs. Computers, in the present are a hardware device that is needed by almost various groups in almost all age ranges. This is not strange, considering the functions and tasks of computer devices that are indeed very varied. Almost all activities can be done by this one hardware device. It is not unusual if at any time you feel lost when your computer is not near you. However, if this happens, you don't need to worry anymore. 

Because you can actually access your computer or laptop at home through an office computer. You can do this because there are now circulating several applications that can do the remote desktop process. One application that you can make an alternative is an application called TightVNC.

Download the Latest TightVNC

This TightVNC application is an open source based application, so you can download and install this application for free and free. In addition, this application is also a multi-platform application. So you can do the remote desktop process even though there are different platforms or operating systems between the two computers. Download the latest and free TightVNC via the link below :

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Use of TightVNC

As a remote desktop application, like other similar applications, the TightVNC application has the same main functions and tasks, allowing computer users to be able to process remotely between one desktop or computer to another desktop or computer. With this application, you will be able to access your laptop placed at home remotely with other computers as long as both are connected to the internet.

When you open this TightVNC application, you must choose between 2, namely TightVNC Service or TightVNC Viewer. You can choose TightVNC Service if you are holding a computer or laptop that you want to remote. Its function is of course that the computer can be remotely remote. Then the second is TightVNC Viewer. You can choose this feature or choice if you are going to use the computer to perform a remote process and of course displaying the display of the computer interface that you remotely remotely.

How to process remote computers is also quite easy. First you have to check the IP address of the computer you are remote. Then run TightVNC Service on the computer that you want to remote. Install keywords or passwords so you can safely do the remote process. Then on the computer in charge of displaying remote results, open TightVNC Viewer. Then fill in the IP Address or IP address on the computer that will be remote. Then don't forget to fill in the password or keyword that you have previously set and click OK. Then you will be connected.

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