UltraViewer 6.0


UltraViewer - if you need a remote control for one or more computers, UltraViewer is the ideal software. You can connect with a unique ID and password to provide support or to control your device. A great alternative to TeamViewer, UltraViewer is a user-friendly interface that works very fast, is easy to use and does not contain many hidden options or buttons. Let's say you work as a programmer or technician for a company. Installing this software is not a complex process, the setup process is done within a few seconds, and you can then connect directly to the remote computer because you do not need to make any additional configuration.

When you open this program, you will have a simple and very easy interface to find a panel with your ID and password and of course you have to put your public ID and password to create a new connection. We also need to talk about instant chat windows that you can easily communicate with your partner without making a phone call. UltraViewer can be used by anyone for personal use and of course for business use. If we talk about business use, you should know that the server will be very secure and that no one will cut your information. This is an important advantage of this software, the sensitive data stored on the computer is secured.

This tool is quite easy to install and use, you don't need complicated computer skills to use, request IDs and passwords and establish secure connections.

Technical Details

  • Latest Version : 6.0
  • Filename : UltraViewer_setup_6.0_en.exe
  • Check the MD5 : 086FA583E54F1FBBA0695024ADE15370
  • File size : 2.48MB
  • License : Free
  • Supported Operating System : Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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UltraViewer 6.0 - Remote Desktop Connection

If you need to solve someone's computer problem remotely, all you need is a remote control utility. A good example is UltraViewer. Simple design and easy functionality, the computer allows you to remotely control without any difficulty. There is no complicated setting to do, so you can provide support in a short time and complete your work. UltraViewer is completely free for personal or commercial use. Comes in a small package and can be installed in a few seconds. There is no special requirement to fulfill, and you don't have to sacrifice too many resources.

Connecting to a remote computer is quite easy. All you have to do is type the ID and the computer password and click a button. The software will immediately establish a connection and then control the remote computer without difficulty. The ID and password for each computer are automatically generated when the application is started. This software is equipped with various security features to keep you and your customers safe. In addition, UltraViewer allows you to increase your own security. 

You can set it to generate a longer password, set your own password, and set a specific response when you press certain keys and more, in addition to the generated password.
When it comes to controlling a computer remotely, UltraViewer gives you everything you need to make your work quick and easy.


The connection can be made quickly. The software automatically creates an ID and password for each computer. In addition, this allows you to strengthen your own security.

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