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UltraVNC is free software that is quite powerful and easy to use to display another computer screen (via the internet or local network) on your pc's screen. UltraVnc allows you to use the keyboard and mouse to control other computers remotely via local or internet networks. This means you can work on a remote target computer, as if you are sitting in front of a computer that is directly controlled from your place. 

UltraVNC (often written as uVNC) is a desktop and open source remote computer application for Microsoft Windows operating systems that uses the VNC protocol to destroy other computers from a remote screen, whenever and wherever you are. It bears strong equations for RealVNC Free Edition, but in addition to the remote control it adds various features, such as encryption plugins to secure client / server connections. It also supports file transfer, chat, and various authentication method functions. Software is free and distributed according to the terms of the GNU General Public License.

UltraVNC Free Remote Control Software

Are you tired of going back and forth to a friend's computer that often errors and he asks for your help to fix it? Better to check through your own computer using the help of a remote desktop application. One remote desktop application that can be tried is UltraVNC (Virtual Network Computing). UltraVNC is a free software that is easy to use, powerful and we've tried it and is highly recommended for users who want to use a free remote control application. UltraVNC can control and take over other desktop computers that are connected to the network and the internet. 

The condition is that our computer has installed UltraVNC Server, while the computer to be accessed has UltraVNC Viewer installed. UltraVNC can be a solution that makes it easier for you to fix problems on the client computer without having to be on the client computer. This application is very suitable for admins who have to monitor the use of computers in large numbers remotely, such as in the office, school or computer training place. The server application and its clients provide complete and detailed configuration options. 

Many settings can be done, such as whether the server can only monitor or can also be used to control the client computer in full. But for lay users, the many choices can make confusion. Therefore, you only need to follow the existing functions. Fortunately, automatic configuration is provided to detect connected computers. Other features offered by UltraVNC are pretty much like file transfers, video drivers, toolbar viewers, Java viewers and text chat. And there are also several add-ons that help make it easier for you to handle even the most complex connection conditions.

Download UltraVNC v. :
Support Windows 32/bit
license GNU/GPL
Support Windows 64/bit
license GNU/GPL

UltraVNC also supports up to several views on one screen so you can provide solutions simultaneously. You can specify the maximum number of screens. However, keep in mind that more screens will burden the computer. So, adjust the capabilities of your server computer to display multiple screens at once.

UltraVNC Advantages

  • Can take full functionality of the client computer, support displays multiple monitors and complete and detailed configuration options.

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