UNVNC Viewer

UNVNC Viewer - Portable VNC Viewer

UNVNC Viewer is an Open Source VNC Viewer. Virtual Network Calculation (VNC) applications can be stored and started directly from your USB device (Portable VNC Viewer). This UNVNC software can be used to display another computer screen (over the Internet or network) on your own screen. You can then remotely manage your computer using your local mouse and keyboard.


Computer teachers in India often find it difficult to show students how to use computers to fifty to sixty students. The teacher handles this problem by showing computer usage for a group at a time or using hand-drawn visual aids. Some schools have overcome this problem by purchasing an LCD Projector, which is useful for sending presentations to a large group. For example, instructors often use LCD projectors to show you how to prepare class books with Microsoft Excel. However, LCD projectors are expensive and replacement of bulbs is very expensive.

There are other ways to present the material to a large group of students in the computer lab. Reply UltraVNC! Open Source software to do this, it is completely free! However, there are several requirements to use the UNVNC in the computer lab.

UNVNC Viewer Toolbar:

Search here for an explanation of how to use UNVNC. Besides the toolbar button there is a context menu with several choices. In addition there are a number of Hot keys for common tasks.
  • Send CTRL + ALT + DEL
  • Toggle Full Screen Mode
  • Indicates Options connection ...
  • Refresh Screen
  • Send 'Start' (CTRL + ESC) to host
  • Send Custom Keys
  • Show Status Window
  • Close the connection
  • Hide Toolbar Buttons
  • Toggle Remote Input and Remote Monitor Blank
  • Open File Transfer ...
  • Select Single Window
  • Select Full Desktop
  • Open Chat ...
Download UNVNC Viewer :
UNVNC Viewer for Win32 Security update
UNVNC Viewer for win64 Security update

The UNVNC viewer works only when the Remote desktop also connects to a remote PC

Hello, here for the first time. I set Ultravnc for two days on a remote computer using the Remote Remote desktop. I installed Ultravnc. I can now connect to the ultravnc server at work, but my viewers are on the black screen. When I connect the remote Windows desktop while the viewer is still active, the viewer comes alive and works as usual. The only problem is that the remote desktop also needs to be opened (the remote computer looks locked on the vnc server). I want viewers (home page) to work without a remote desktop, so people at work can see what I'm doing on the screen. Can someone tell me why viewers work only when the remote desktop is active? Thank you from now

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