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Get Your WebEx Meeting Everywhere. Cisco WebEx meeting for Windows Phone 8 offers powerful web conferencing, video and audio conferencing. Meet any one anywhere and make faster decisions. What's new in the latest release (version 2.5). WBS30 security enhancements. Master Account Ability error correction. See the list of meetings. Plan, start, delete, and manage meetings. Remove participants from the meeting. Server / host Skip the capabilities of the Meeting Feature. Join a Cisco WebEx meeting e-mail invitation, meeting number, Cisco WebEx website URL, or Meeting List. 

Join before the host. Mixed audio and web conferencing on Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G. 2-way video with active speaker exchange. Automatic callback See participants. See the content shared with annotations. Private chat or Ready group Global and Company. Login (SSO). Encryption is end-to-end. Wi-Fi proxy support. Available in 14 languages For more information about WebEx Meetings on mobile devices, visit: http://www.webex.com/mobile Need technical support to use Cisco WebExc Meetings for Windows Phone 8? 

Visit: http: // support. webex.com/support Requirements Cisco WebEx Meeting Center publishes WBS29.1 or later. For single input (SSO) systems, WBS29.3 or later is required. Or, you can use Cisco WebEx Meeting 1.3.1 or later. Note: Cisco WebEx services are not available in all countries. For more information, please visit www.webex.com. Some restrictions may apply depending on your company policies and the implementation of Cisco WebEx.

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In 2007, Cisco, a telecommunications company, acquired WebEx Communications, a subsidiary of WebEx Communications, which has since been developing and distributing various software solutions for collaboration within the company. With the WebEx meeting, the company also offers a very good alternative for TeamViewer, which focuses on web conferences. Like all WebEx products, meeting applications can also be accessed through Cisco WebEx Cloud deployed in data centers worldwide (including backup and caching) to provide maximum bandwidth and availability for each user.

With Free WebEx Meeting you have the opportunity to make free online meetings with two other participants. If you need additional capacity and features, you should purchase a premium package. With this, you can organize web conferences up to 100 participants, access various screen sharing options (full screen, individual applications, etc.) and create custom user profiles. to assign a moderator. Premium packages also allow you to remotely access the system, protect meetings using passwords, and manage online meetings in Microsoft Outlook.
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Cisco Webex Meetings - Best Online Video and Meeting Conferences

It's easy to join with Cisco Webex Meetings - the one-touch key, sound and image clarity and screen sharing are easier than ever. We help you forget the technology to focus on what matters.

Meet face to face wherever you are

  • The video quality is unique. HD videos with an adjustable design make it easy to actively participate in meetings even when you're far away.
  • Join any device. Host or attend meetings from any device: mobile devices, tablets, laptops or videos with a single consistent experience.
  • Flexible device compatibility. Cisco or others - easily join video devices and connect using a standard video conferencing system.

Cisco Webex Team - Make team work the best job

Whether you're traveling, at the table, or in a meeting room, the Webex Team helps you step up projects, build better relationships, and solve business-related issues. All the team needed to keep moving forward is connected with collaboration tools and other tools you use to make life easier.
Extraordinary meetings were held for team collaboration :
  • The host is everyone. As everyone in the productive team is involved, everyone can start meetings and whiteboards, share screens, mute and save others. The list of participants shows who has joined - even if you didn't - so you know if someone else is following.
  • Match and share. Forget hardware lock - just connect Webex Team to Webex devices for wireless control and screen sharing. And it's easy to slide to change devices to meet on the go. Everything is harmonious, everything works.
  • Easy logistics. Join meetings at the touch of a button. Planning is also easy - people's details, topics and meetings are automatically included for you. Users of SIP and Microsoft Skype for Business devices can easily participate in meetings with people other than the Webex Team.

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