FastViewer Download Version 2.0

What is FastViewer?

FastViewer  Download Version 2.0 is a free application that lets you attend Meeting / Presentation sessions using FastViewer from the comfort of your Android Device. Even if you are traveling, you don't need to miss out on presentations with web conferences, online meetings, or training sessions.

On this remote computer, remote client modules must be installed and start to integrate remote computers in user management - making it possible to set up connections at all. Even if the remote computer is not occupied, it can still be connected. Depending on the number of licenses purchased, a number of remote computers can be controlled remotely.

With FastViewer you can set up a connection to a computer that is predetermined via the internet. As long as the connection is running, you can access files, install, provide support and maintain this computer. The remote computer that you are connecting to is called a remote client. 

Application Filters

General information about the function of the Application Filter. You can use a function on the Application Filter side to select Desktop and the first application you want to transfer. You can enable application delivery by activating the checkbox. To disable it, clear the corresponding check boxes.

You can select the following desktop items for transmission at the top of the Application Filter :
  • Show Sidebar - Select this check box if you want to send the viewer and sidebar window. If the Show Sidebar option is disabled, the following behavior applies when the sidebar is displayed: As long as there are no other configurations in the customer portal, the sidebar is transmitted transparently. In other words, the desktop icon occupied by the sidebar remains visible. However, if a participant accepts control, he cannot click the item in this sidebar area to access it. If the item needs to be accessed, the previous server must pull the sidebar.

Category : Business Software
Subcategory : Collaboration Software

Operating Systems : Windows 98/Me/NT/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8

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FastViewer Download version 2.0:

FastViewer Download v2.0
Free Driver

FastViewer is a free software application from the Phone subcategory, which is part of the Communication category. This app is currently available in English and was last posted on 2012-12-09. This program can be installed on Android.

FastViewer (version 2.0) can be downloaded from our website. Just click the green download button above to download FastViewer v2.0. Up to now the program has been downloaded 1.512 times. We have checked that the download link is secure, but we recommend that you scan the software that you downloaded with your antivirus software for your own security.

The FastViewer option is available as follows:

  • User Manager ON - By setting a checkbox, you can decide whether you need to log in each time the modulator module is started. If not, entries will only be requested when using User Manager or Remote Version. By clicking on the check box, you can specify whether FastViewer GmbH, 02/2018 for Microsoft Windows FastViewer requires authentication for Handbook 191 for each first master module. If the check box is not checked, you will be prompted only if the user manager or the custom version is used.
  • Use complex passwords - By clicking on this checkbox, complex passwords are enforced. They must contain at least lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Minimum password length - Specifies the minimum number of characters that must be entered with a password. Minimum minimum length 1, blank passwords are not accepted.
  • Number of days before a user-specified password expires - After activating this function, the user is reminded to change the password after the specified day. The last password used is not available again. If the user changes the password before this time, the timer will be updated with X days. Please consider that this rule does not apply to root users. The Single Entry system is only affected by the opening of the window. The user opens the management module.
  • Use Single Entry System - If you imported users from Active Directory, this user can use the Single Entry System. In this case, if the login windows are in the list of users and there is access, they are checked at the start of the mastermodule. In this case, the user automatically logs in as a master.

Download Information

We don't host FastViewer 2.0 on our server, so we don't scan for viruses, adware, spyware, or other types of malware. This application is hosted by Pure APK and passes the terms and conditions to be listed, but we still recommend being careful when installing it.

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