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Microsoft Remote Desktop is an official software issued by Microsoft to users to control your computer directly from an Android device application, which you can use remotely, such as controlling the computer in the office from your home via Android using this microsoft remote desktop application. To do this you only need to configure the device and connect it to the PC that you want to control.

Microsoft Remote Desktop is optimized for Windows 8, and the tile interface display of this application works better with a touch screen than the classic Windows desktop (XP, Vista, 7). This means that this application is highly recommended for users of this operating system.

The quality audio and video flow that is on a mobile device is very good, depending on your internet connection. You will also get a secure connection thanks to the Network Layer Authentication technology that works to protect your privacy.

Network Layer Authentication is a very complete tool to easily control your Windows PC from your Android device. All touch features of Windows 8 also make use of it faster on mobile devices.

The latest in this version

To find out more details and details about the latest updates and recent updates, you can see


  • The connection display name is now easier to find.
    Repair of damage:
  • Repair damage when closing client windows when the connection is still active.
  • Fixed hangs when reconnecting after the client is minimized.
  • Allow the desktop to be dragged anywhere in the group.
  • Make sure to launch the connection from the jumplist results in a separate window if needed.
  • Additional bug fixes.


  • Access desktop computers remotely by running Windows Professional or Enterprise and Windows Server
  • Access remote resources issued by your IT admin
  • Connect remotely via Remote Desktop Gateway
  • Rich multi-touch experience supporting Windows movement
  • Secure connections to your data and applications
  • Simple management of your connection from the connection center
  • Streaming high-quality video and audio
  • Connect from your mobile or use Continuum for Phone
Download Microsoft Remote Desktop :
Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.1
Free Driver

How to connect the remote desktop client application for Windows 8 on iPad

First, you must prepare Windows 8.1 so that it can be opened via remote desktop.

Step by step:

Open the charm bar -> in the search column, type system -> open System
In the System window, click Remote Settings
Select Allow remote connections to this computer -> remove the Allow connections only from computers running remote desktop with network level authentication checkbox

The PC can be accessed via remote desktop

To log in to remote desktop, you need an IP, port, and (often) password

If you access remote desktop from a home network or a network, then IP to connect can use IPv4. To find out your IPv4 PC, open run -> type cmd -> type ipconfig -> Enter

The port used is 3389

If you access remote desktop from outside the home network or from a different network, then you need to forward port 3389 to the PC IP to be accessed. For setting the forward port can be done through the router settings. You can open the router settings by accessing the internal IP (usually,, or, enter the router username and password, and forward port 3389 to the computer's IP.

To connect from outside the network, the IP that you use is the router IP followed by a port that has been forwarded, for example

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