PC Control via Android Using Splashtop!

PC Control via Android Using Splashtop!

Splashtop Streamer - Want to play PC games on Android? Want your gadget to change to become a versatile remote power point presentation? Then you can use an application called Splashtop. How to install? Follow the tutorial inside!

If you still remember, I wrote about an application that allows you to play PC games via Android here. And indeed, all of this became possible after Splashtop released Splashtop THD on the market some time ago. For those who don't know, this Splashtop is an application similar to remote desktop, where you can control your PC or laptop using only an Android or iOS gadget.

Of course there are many benefits that you can get by using this Splashtop in addition to playing PC games on Android. For example, your Android can replace the remote when presenting Power Point, or you can type in Microsoft Word while lying down using your gadget.

What's interesting is that your gadget doesn't need to ROOT first to use this Splashtop. So how do you turn your Android into a remote for a PC or Laptop?

Following are the steps:

1. Download the Splashtop Streamer application in the download menu below
Download Splashtop Streamer
Free Driver

After downloading, install this application on a PC / Laptop that you will remote. The installation is almost the same as the installation of other programs, so it's not difficult.

2. Run the Splashtop Streamer application (or after installation, usually this application runs automatically, and you will get a welcome screen like this

3. As always, agree to the End User License Agreement. If you don't agree, you can't use this application.

4. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter a security code. Enter the security code is up to you (must be a combination of letters and numbers yes). Re-enter in the bottom box to confirm.

5. The steps to setting Splashtop Streamer on PC / Laptop are complete. Let's start the network settings that will be used now

The settings on the PC have now been set up in the Android gadget.

6. Turn on Wi Fi Tethering on your gadget. In most Android Gadgets or OS, this setting is in the Settings menu -> Wireless and Networks -> Tethering and Portable Hotspot -> check Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

7. Turn on Wi Fi PC / Laptop. Connect to the tethering hotspot that you created earlier. Here because I use the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro gadget, the hotspot name (by default) is SK17i.

8. Run the Splashtop Streamer application. Then on the opening screen as below, you will get a row of numbers on the IP address of the PC / Laptop. Record this number.

9. Now download the Splashtop Remote application from Market. You can search on the Market with the Splashtop Remote keyword and select the one that suits you (there are HD, THD, some are standard)

10. Run the Splashtop Remote application. Click the plus ("+") button in the upper right corner, to enter the PC / Laptop name and IP that you will remote sample to fill in as follows:

Computer Name : whatever, just bookmark if you want to remote more than one PC
IP Address : enter the IP Address that you got from step number 4 above.
Security Code : enter the PC security code that you have entered, according to step number 4

11. After that, your PC will appear on the main screen. Tap the computer icon that appears on the screen and voila! You are already connected to your PC / Laptop. On the home screen, you will find a tutorial on how to control the mouse pointer using your Android touch.

12. After being satisfied and understand the tutorial, then you can control your PC / Laptop with Android! Below is an example when opening the control panel. Oh yes, if the display is too small, you can do zoom by "pinching" as usual

13. If your gadget does not provide a physical keyboard, then you can bring up a virtual keyboard by pressing the keyboard icon in the lower right corner.

How, interesting isn't it? Oh yes, you can get the Splashtop Streamer application, but to get the Splashtop Remote, you have to spend around US $ 4.99 to redeem it in the Android Market (or now it's called Google Play).

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