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About VNC Connect 

VNC Connect is a Desktop software Computer remote access is the most flexible and safe in the industry or at home. Choose an annual VNC Connect subscription that meets your business needs. VNC Connect enables companies to instantly download and share files using the cloud or through direct line (LAN) activity.

The main features of VNC Connect are intuitive remote control, cross-platform support, attended and unattended access, file transfers, multilingual support, online team management, and virtual desktop management in Linux. End-to-end encrypted sessions use 256-bit AES encryption that provides multi-factor authentication, single sign-on (SSO), detailed access control, and rich session permissions.

VNC Connect is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Brazilian languages. It provides mobile support from computer to computer and to computers on all Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS and Android platforms. VNC Connect is available for non-commercial use and subscription for professional packages and companies for free.

Reduce costs

Reduce the rate of repetition of support calls, call duration and travel costs rather than customer-benefit-revenue-generation.

Save time

Reduce the need for specialized training and documentation for remote support, customer benefits, customer satisfaction

Improve quality

Providing attractive and real-time services that increase employee satisfaction and customer-benefit-management risk

Risk reduction

Predict and prevent system failures and risks associated with on-site service-benefit-system-uptime.png

Increasing work time

Avoid downtime by identifying faster problems and resolving the customer's regulatory compliance benefits.

Fulfill purpose

Support business objectives and compliance with audit and security functionality


  • New: In Red Hat Linux deployment, the VNC Server in Virtual Mode can now use the Xorg server version running on the system instead of an older version integrated with Xvnc. Desktop environments such as Gnome 3 and modern applications and extensions are likely to be out of the box. See how to set this.
  • Downloading the VNC Connection now consists only of VNC Server and support programs for computers licensed for your control only. VNC Viewer is no longer packed. You can download the VNC Viewer to as many computers and devices as you want to control. Installation change.
  • VNC Viewer for MacOS is now a disk image (DMG) that you can install by dragging it to the Applications folder.
  • In the VNC Viewer, you can drag and drop the computer to a label in the sidebar to assign the label to the computer. Right-click the address book to create a new label.
  • By setting the VNC QueryOfferViewOnly Server parameter to FALSE, you can see the option that appears in the prompt that appears only when the VNC Viewer user attempts to connect (leaving only the reject and accept option).

General :

I just love to use VNC for virtual networks. This allows me to remotely control my entire office system from my desk. I am a connected VNC user every day and I know that without this I cannot complete the task quickly. The most important fact is that I manage many difficult tasks using this without physical movement. This is a virtual networking software that is perfect for all types of organizations. I can recommend this software especially for small or large organizations, especially IT Managers or System Engineers.
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