Xmanager Remote Desktop Linux From a Windows Host

Xmanager is the leading market PC X server that brings the power of the X application to the Windows environment. With Xmanager, X applications installed on remote UNIX-based machines run seamlessly with Windows applications side-by-side. A powerful session management console to securely access remote and virtualized UNIX and Linux environments, provides an easy-to-use X application launcher, X server profile management tools, high-performance SSH modules, and PC X servers.

With Xmanager, X applications installed on remote UNIX-based machines run seamlessly with Windows applications side-by-side. The existing IT infrastructure requires several operating systems to run side by side. UNIX and Linux quickly changed hosts and Windows servers, but Windows is still the preferred platform on desktop PCs. Because the X Window System is a standard technology packaged with modern UNIX systems, Xmanager does not require additional server-side installation and only requires little or no changes to your existing IT infrastructure. 

Xmanager provides an access point to provide a flexible working environment for combining heterogeneous Operating Systems and increasing productivity. Try Xmanager for free for 30 days to see if there's a network connectivity solution for you.

Xmanager is used in IDC (Internet Data Center) in a variety of work areas, including large-scale handicrafts and semiconductor design and server management. It is widely used by university server administrators and companies, as well as by private users who want to connect to remote hosts via the Internet. Xmanager is an easy and powerful PC X server designed to meet the needs and desires of various users.

See All Key Features and Specifications:

  • The powerful Xmanager PC server - Accesses remote and virtualized UNIX / Linux desktop environments such as running a single Xmanager application alongside Windows applications on your PC. Xmanager is a high-quality X11R7 PC X server that brings Xmanager power to Windows.
  • Superior Session Management - Easily create, edit, and start multiple sessions from the main window simultaneously using Xmanager Session Manager. To check window mode, fonts, colors, X extensions, and more, and to manage multiple sessions at the same time as the Xmanager tab interface, specify the Xconfig profile in the session.
  • Dynamic Remote Host Search - Save time with Xmanager dynamic search features. Automatically view existing hosts and connect with a simple click-and-click. You do not need to set separate sessions for each server.
  • Broad Security - Xmanager's unique XDMCP Secure Protocol provides all unsecured benefits provided by XDMCP, and Host Access Control only allows access by legitimate users.

Linux virtual machine, remote access from a Windows server

The concept of running local applications from one operating system to another is a while. The need for this concept can only be understood by the inconvenience of switching between operating systems to use an application specific to another operating system. This app is a valuable resource for people who want to run a Linux-based application on a Windows computer that gives guests remote access to machines.

This application comes with a number of other utilities specific to the Unix environment. X-based applications can launch launches with built-in ramps and other separate modules, allowing users to configure X Server profile parameters.

Some of the great features of this app are the ability to copy and paste content between XManager window sessions and Genuine Windows sessions.

This is part of the remote vehicle category and is licensed as shareware for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms and can be used as a free trial until the trial period expires. The Xmanager demo is available to all software users as a free download with potential limitations over the full version.

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Xmanager Feature :

  • Connect to the remote server system even if you are working or at home
    If your home and office computer is connected to the internet, you can work from home remotely. It is not possible to manage all job tasks with text-based terminals (such as telnet). Xmanager 5's Secure XDMCP feature connects to a private network or even behind a firewall.
  • Share Application X and Unix / Linux server systems
    A group of users can share various X applications such as CAD / GIS running on Unix server systems. This is very useful in environments such as school computer rooms where company training facilities or user groups often go in and out.
  • Run MS Windows and Unix / Linux simultaneously
    Xmanager helps you complete your work efficiently in a complex network environment. You can easily switch from a window on a computer screen to a window.
  • Be creative with 3D application
    Start your creative work with Xmanager. Other PC X servers may require you to purchase additional 3D. With Version 5, the Xmanager Standard is standard with OpenGL support. Xmanager supports extracting OpenGL from the box and allows CAD and other GLX-based 3D tools to run.

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