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DesktopNow Remote Computer Access

Download DesktopNow Remote Desktop Software provides quick and easy access to all important files, wherever you are. If you can access the Internet, you can access your computer and interact with your software programs and files as if you were there.

DesktopNow Remote Control Software is free to use and we recommend that you try our other software services.

DesktopNow Remote Desktop Access Free allows you to log on to your computer remotely over the Internet and provides quick and easy access to all your important files, wherever you are. If you can access the Internet, you can access your computer and download all the documents you need.

Remote Access Feature

  • Remotely view and control your desktop
  • Interact with any program installed on your home machine
  • Download any file from your computer
  • Download the file to your computer
  • Sign in using any browser, including mobile devices (for example, iPhone, Android)
  • Supports the use of secure SSL connections to access your files
  • No complicated router configuration required

DesktopNow is a small utility that allows you to share documents and files over the Internet from your personal computer.

Download DesktopNow Remote Access Software :
DesktopNow Remote Access
Free Driver

Gets the look of your browser

The interface borrows the browser screen you use and consists of 2 tree view panels. Although the structure is appropriate for the role of the program, it may give the feeling that some options are lacking.

This requires some configuration

Before you can access files and folders on your computer, you must assign specific folders to this task. You also need to make sure that the PC allows access from outside the Internet and from the local network.

To access it from a mobile device, you must open a browser and type the local network address. Although you need to enter the user and password to access your computer, there are always certain risks in the account when logging in to the public access network.

This can be useful if the application contains a certain level of protection, or at least keeps a log where you can check for suspicious connection attempt attempts.

Access a computer from a mobile phone

This application includes an on-screen keyboard that you can activate when you want to access your files and folders from your phone or tablet. This feature can be absolutely useful when you operate a remote device that does not have keyboard hardware and need specific documents immediately.

Although access to a shared directory works well, the same cannot be said about seeing and interacting with your desktop. It is not possible to preview the program properly when accessing from an old mobile device, not only slow.

Great tool for home and office workers

If you're a professional, traveling or traveling, both at work and at home, DesktopNow lets you keep all the important documents ready to be accessed; for example, a laptop that is not working or has lost your tablet.
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