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Radmin Server - Radmin (Remote Administrator) is an application that can be used to remotely control computer machines that are connected in a network, to control / access computers remotely. Besides radmin can be used to spy on people's computers whenever and wherever. But to be able to access a computer must be in a LAN, WAN or internet network. Radmin Server is used to make a computer as a server which will then be controlled by another computer.

Radmin consists of two modules:

  1. Radmin Viewer: Radmin Viewer needs to be installed on a local computer such as a home computer or notebook that you want to access the remote computer.
  2. Radmin Server: Radmin Server needs to be installed on a remote computer such as an office computer that you want to access from your local computer.

How to use Radmin:

  • Make sure the server and client computers are connected to each other.
  • Then on the computer that will be made a server, install the Radmin Server software.
  • Open the Radmin Server software, then the Radmin Server configuration display will appear. Click the permission icon to configure the radmin server
  • Then the Radmin Server Security Mode display will appear. Click permission to continue.
  • Then Radmin Security will appear. Select add user to create a client.
  • Then fill in the user name and password as you like. Then click OK.
  • Then check the list "All Access". Then click OK.
  • Then open Radmin Viewer on the client computer. Then click the connection icon - select connect to.
  • Fill in the server computer IP. Then click OK.
  • Then fill in the username and password that has been created by Radmin Server. Then click OK to continue.

Download Radmin this link below :
radmin server
Free Driver
radmin viewer
Free Driver
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Free Driver

Installing Radmin Server on Windows

Radmin is a remote computer access software designed for Microsoft Windows. At present, Radmin is the safest, fastest and most popular remote access software. A remote computer screen can be seen on a local monitor in either a window or full screen display. All mouse movements and key presses will be transferred directly to the remote computer. 

Files can be transferred to and from a remote computer, and communication with remote computer users is possible through text chat or video calls.

All mouse and keyboard movement signals will be transferred from the local computer directly to the remote computer through the network (via LAN or the Internet), deliver the update screen graph back in a different direction.

Radmin Server uses Mirror Driver (also known as Video Hook Driver) to read remote screens that pass through the Video Display Controller. Mirror Driver makes it possible to read only parts of the screen changes only.

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