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Radmin is a method of controlling a computer system remotely or in other words from a long distance. One well-known remote application to date is Radmin, which as of this writing has reached version 3.4 Radmin (Remote Administrator) is a remote control and remote access application that makes it easy for you to remotely computer in real time like dealing with a computer using a keyboard and computer mouse and you can access it from many places. 

Radmin integrates a lot of support from Windows Vista (32bit), file transfers, multi-user text and voice chats, Windows security, Kerberos authentication, 256-bit AESencryption for all datastreams, telnet access, multiple monitor support and unique Direct Screen Transfer technology.

Remote Administrator or commonly called Radmin is a software used in the network to monitor, control, and control all activities in the network, actually Radmin is not a tool for hacking but in my opinion it can also be used in hacking activities.

Because the Radmin function can monitor, control and control activities on the network, of course this can facilitate an administrator in managing all computers and existing networks.

Not only an Administrator, even the Chairman of a company or office can oversee all activities of their employees with this Radmin Software. If there are employees or staff who are playing games or playing Facebook during working hours, then the Leader can easily turn it off or close it. Or you can even use this software to control your opponent's computer.

Radmin Classification

Radmin consists of two modules :

Viewer module (Radmin Viewer):

Radmin Viewer needs to be installed on a local computer such as a home computer or notebook that you want to access the remote computer.

Server module (Radmin Server):

Radmin Server needs to be installed on a remote computer such as an office computer that you want to access from your local computer.

Main Features and Benefits of Radmin

Increase the Speed of Work.
Radmin is the fastest remote control software available. The new Direct Screen Transfer uses video hook kernel mode driver technology to improve and to rate hundreds of screen updates per second. Special low bandwidth optimization makes it possible to work comfortably even on modems and GPRS connections.

High Safety and Reliability.
Radmin can work in encrypted mode where all documents, screen images, mouse movements and keyboard signals are encrypted using strong AES 256-Bit encryption with randomly generated security codes for each connection. Radmin for authentication users can use Windows security either with Active Directory and support Kerberos, or alone with individual user security permissions and secure login / password authentication. 

Radmin security uses Diffie-Hellman based on a 2048-bit key exchange with key sizes. Additional IP filters allow access only from certain networks and hosts.

Text and Voice Chat.
Text chat, voice chat and send message modes are new to Radmin version 3.4, all developed to help communicate with people who work remotely able to connect to a computer.

Easy Use.
Radmin is very easy to learn and use. Most of our users agree that the big advantage of Radmin is simplicity. By all reports, the interface is intuitive and the program is very easy to use. Unlike bloatware, Radmin is not in vain of value added features that make it work hard, difficult to learn, or its performance hobbles.

Secure "Drag and Drop" file Transfer with "Delta Copy".
Radmin can easily drag and drop any file up to 2GB Explorer like through the interface to or from a remote encrypted standby computer. Radmin has a feature that is used when copying files that allows updating only a part of a different file on both machines. 

This feature is called "Delta Copy" since only difference files (delta) will be copied. Allow the operation to continue copying after a network error from where the error occurred and not from the beginning.

Download Radmin this link below :
radmin server
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radmin viewer
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radmin viewer portable
Free Driver

Remote Screen Variables.
Remote viewing full screen mode including Screen, scale and Windowed. Full-Screen Mode lets you see the remote screen on the entire display screen. Scale Mode allows remote viewing of the screen in a window of user-specified size. Radmin also supports High Resolution and Multiple monitor modes.

Radmin has multi-language support using one file so there is no need to download and re-install Radmin for each language.

Multiple Connections Support
Radmin supports simultaneously multiple connections to the same remote screen. This means being able to invite friends or to look at the screen remotely or be able to see or control some remote from the computer screen.

Free Technical Support E-mail
Famatech brings FREE technical support to our registered consumers. Can use the online helpdesk service to send technical questions. Usually we solve technical problems within 24 hours. Please, use English when Famatech contacts technical support.

Radmin Benefits
Radmin uses the TCP / IP protocol which is the most widely and widely used protocol in LAN, WAN and Internet networks. Which means you can access your remote computer from anywhere in the world. Radmin can be used to :
  • Operate a home office computer remotely.
  • Provides a helpdesk function for Remote Users.
  • Manage easily your home or office network remotely.

How Radmin works, can see the remote computer screen on the monitor screen, and all mouse and keyboard movement signals will be transferred directly to the remote computer. Can run a remote computer like a normal computer at the front. Can access it remotely from the same computer from various places and use further file transfers, text and voice chat, remote shutdown, Telnet and various features it offers.


  1. Can manage or control computers that have been installed remotely from a remote service.
  2. Can monitor computers remotely.
  3. Can be shu down and restart the computer.
  4. Can exchange data between computers.
  5. Operators can monitor what clients are doing online.
  6. Transfer files, from server to client and vice versa without using Flash disk and no need to share folders.
  7. Delete files from the client
  8. Can control all devices on the client (Keyboard + mouse), this makes it easy for the operator to set the problematic client computer without having to go to the client's place.


  • Users will be interrupted.
  • Remote administrator can only be done on one network (one ring).
  • Remote administrator cannot violate prefixes.
  • If the IP address is from the remote administrator's DHCP server it cannot be executed.
  • Remote administrator cannot run if the IP address is different (one static and the other dynamic).

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