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Remote Utilities is remote desktop software for secure access to workstations, servers, and laptops over LAN and the Internet. You can see the PC screen remotely and control the mouse and keyboard as if you were sitting at a computer. With RU, you can provide technical support to your customers and help your friends and family. This program is free for business and personal use up to 10 remote computers.

Remote Desktop Software Remote Utility

Remote Utilities Viewer is a highly configurable and secure remote desktop software for IT professionals. You can view the screen remotely, send keystrokes, control the mouse pointer, transfer files, and perform other operations, such as sitting physically in front of a remote computer. Try Remote Utility Now!

The audience is your only control center. With this application you can manage your remote connections using one or more address lines, start remote sessions in different connection modes, by running configuration tools such as MSI Configurator. Remote Utilities is the number one choice for IT professionals looking for effective and practical remote access solutions.

Features and Highlights:

  • Highest Security
    Outside the box there is a strong default security level. Users can enable additional security features, such as IP filtering or shared secrets. See the Security Overview for more information.
  • Stand-alone Solution
    For the basic features Remote Utilities does not require any web infrastructure. This program can operate on fully isolated networks and / or VPNs with limited or non-existent Internet access. Some features, such as Internet identity (NAT relaying), require a relay server on the Web where the user can choose between a server or a stand-alone server.
  • No Web-Based Accounts
    Unlike web-based SaaS tools, Remote Utilities does not offer web accounts. This means there is nothing to “hack” on a global scale because there is no database to store user access credentials (including access entries and passwords).
  • Host is Self-Hosted
    While the relay server infrastructure can be used for long-distance connections over the Internet, users can choose to install a free standalone server. The server provides additional features that are not available with hosted services; ie automatic address book synchronization and centralized permission management.
  • No Unexpected or Mandatory Improvements
    We offer a simple and clear Upgrade Policy. There are no automatic updates or related costs - updates always belong to the customer. In addition, customers can upgrade their purchases to the next major release free of charge within one year.
  • Scalability
    Remote Utilities is as big as you want. When you purchase an operator license, you get unlimited remote installation, so you are free to install the program on as many remote machines as you need to run your business. You have the default MSI Configurator and Remote Installer tool where you want to install programs on your network or use Active Directory group policies.


Remote Utilities offers many options to meet even the most demanding requirements. The MSI installer file is immediately available - you can use the MSI Configurator tool and pre-configure your program installer before deployment.

Remote access : 

  • Remote access via LAN or VPN
    Establish a direct connection to the remote PC using the IP address or DNS name. You can also distribute programs seamlessly across the Active Directory network.
  • Remote access via the Internet
    Use an Internet ID connection to bypass firewalls and NAT devices when connecting over the Internet. No complex network configuration is required.
  • Unattended access
    Place the Host module for 24/7 access to workstations and remote servers. The master system starts automatically as a system service.
  • Joined Access
    Use the Agent module to provide remote support over the Internet. No installation and administrative rights are required.
  • UAC Support
    The User Access Control (UAC) command can be remotely controlled and is no longer an obstacle (it is necessary to use Host instead of Agent to override UAC).
  • RDP extreme ID
    When the remote PC cannot be accessed directly with an IP address, use Remote Utilities to initiate RDP sessions over the Internet.
  • Unlimited one-to-many session
    Multi-task by remotely connecting several computers from the same machine at the same time.
  • Host is self-hosted
    Use a self-hosted server for remote connections, address book synchronization, and authorization.

  • Proxy server support
    Configure Remote Utility to connect through your company's proxy server.
  • Connected via Host
    Use a computer on your LAN as a gateway to connect to colleagues on the same network.

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We know what we are looking for in remote support software, but "Remote Utilities" offers several options that emphasize above others: 
  • the ability to record videos during a remote session
  • Ability to manage which types of sessions are used according to the quality or speed of the Internet connection (even if the video quality is reduced to 2 bits or black and white)
  • different connection modes from total control, only viewing, windows registry control, tasks and services, inventory manager
  • drag-and-drop functionality required to access the clipboard in a simple and easy way

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