UltraViewer v6.1

Remote control to support your customers / partners from anywhere

UltraViewer is designed to support customers and partners remotely. So you can communicate with everything you do on their screens and get them at any time.

Suppose you are working as a programmer or technician for a company. Installing this software is not a complicated process, the installation takes a few seconds, and you can then connect directly to the remote computer, because you do not need to configure additional.

When you open the program, you will find a panel with your ID and password, and of course you will have a simple and very easy interface with the part where you have to put your common ID and password to make a new connection.

We also need to talk about an instant chat window where you can easily communicate with your partner without having to make a phone call. UltraViewer can be used by anyone for personal use and of course for business use. If we talk about business use, you should know that the server will be very secure and no one will interrupt your information. This is an important advantage of this software, sensitive data stored on the computer is secured.

This tool is very easy to install and use, you don't need advanced computer skills to use it, request an ID and password, and establish a secure connection.

Chat window

You can chat with your partner while controlling the very convenience. You can also open and close chats by pressing F1 shortcut keys or as desired.


You can control multiple computers simultaneously or share your screen to multiple computers to watch.

Now You Don't Need to Go

In the past, remote control software support has not yet been made, Thuong Technicians from the software company to go where the customer needs to support added. This is very inconvenient and Productive lost time to both show consumers and supporters. Nowadays, UltraViewer can help you to remotely support clients in a cay way, making your work easy, fast and convenient.

How to Remote Control a Computer

You need your partner to send the ID and Password displayed on their UltraViewer. Enter the ID and Password for your UltraViewer and press 'Connect'.

How to Allow Remote Control

You run UltraViewer and send the ID and Password that is displayed on your UltraViewer with your partner and ask them to connect to that ID and Password.

UltraViewer Download Software :
UltraViewer v6.1 Remote Software
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Your benefits

  • Saving time
  • Saving effort
  • Save on traffic costs
  • Save employee costs
  • Support more professional
  • There are no geographical restrictions

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