UltraVNC Server is a free remote access software for Windows. Most desktops can be set up to be perfect for advanced users who want a remote desktop solution.

UltraVNC Server

Ultra VNC Server - Remote Access Software

UltraVNC Server is a free remote access software for Windows. Most desktops can be set up to be perfect for advanced users who want a remote desktop solution. Transferring files and starting chat conversations are some of the key features of UltraVNC.

UltraVNC featured :

The UltraVNC product includes several features, some of which are listed below:
  • Compatible with RealVNC, TightVNC and many other VNC flavors
  • Encryption plug-in for secure connection
  • File Transfer Function
  • Quick Chat


All VNCs start from a single source (see VNC History) and must follow the RFB protocol for communication (some are slightly loose). This common starting point means that most of the "usually" vnc variants currently available speak well to each other, allowing easy desktop sharing across platforms.


UltraVNC has an optional DSM Encryption which protects communication between the viewer and server and reduces the possibility of a man-in-the-middle invasion that can see 100% of the remote screen.

File Transfer

Transferring files to and from a remote computer is very practical (especially when using the "One-Click" remote client module). This eliminates the need to email files to customers and various other file transfer methods.

The complete folders can be transferred between the viewer and the server, adding to the fact that these files are compressed before transferring, and you get maximum flexibility with minimum bandwidth.


The UltraVNC Chat System is a built-in Text Chat with an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy and fast communication between the local computer (viewer) and remote (server).

It uses the existing VNC connection and can be called up at any time.

You can minimize the Chat window to allow screen updates and retain the text to restore the text later and continue the discussion. After you close the chat window, all the text is lost, this is NOT ONLY a method, but a quick way to communicate.

UltraVNC Download this link below :
ultravnc server
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How UltraVNC Works

UltraVNC uses client / server connections, like any other remote access program found there. UltraVNC Server is installed on the client computer and UltraVNC Viewer is installed on the host computer. The strong difference in UltraVNC is that port forwarding must be configured to allow the server to accept incoming connections.

To configure port forwarding, you must also set a static IP address for the server. A good guide to setting up required port forwarding on the host can be found in Port Forward. After the appropriate prerequisites are completed, the client must enter the server's IP address in the tracer program, followed by the full port number configured by the server.

My thoughts about UltraVNC

UltraVNC is a great program to use if you want to always access a computer at home. Once everything is configured, you can easily set up a repetitive connection to your PC to open programs or transfer files.

I do not recommend using UltraVNC for remote support, only for remote access. Although they usually mean the same thing, I mean here, if you need to connect to a remote computer to provide computer support, you'll work for hours to work - especially if we think that remote support usually includes a host. I've had trouble or hard to use. The last thing you want is to try to work remotely when changing port forwarding!

However, if you still want to set up your own computer for remote access, UltraVNC is a good choice. You have advanced settings such as cursor tracking, display-only mode and custom encryption options, and file transfer features.

A hidden feature about UltraVNC that you may not have noticed at first is that you can find many advanced options if you right-click the connection window you are working on during a remote session. For example, you can save the current session information in a VNC file for later use. Then, when you want to connect to the same computer again, run the shortcut file to start the session as soon as possible. This is very useful if you are using UltraVNC to connect to multiple computers.

I like to jump using UltraVNC Viewer and connect to the server via a browser. If you are using a computer that does not allow the software to be installed, using a web browser on the client PC can help.

In short, UltraVNC is not for basic users. If you want to connect to your home computer while you are away, use a program such as Chrome Remote Desktop or Remote Utilities.

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