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How to connect the camera with a computer

www.ultravncdownload.com - When asked, whether we can remote DSLR camera to the computer. Or adjust the DSLR camera settings from the computer. Or you are looking for free software for remote cameras. Or how to connect the camera to a computer with a USB cable and the application is free. Now it's been made, it's called Remote Digicam.

The equipment needed to connect a DSLR camera to a Notebook is only a USB cable. USB cables are generally provided by camera manufacturers. Because the connector design is different than the computer USB cable.

Digicam Control, a software for remote control cameras, now the stable version 1.0.0 has come out. Like other software for remote camera, but this one is the free version. Initially a little doubtful with the ability of this free Digicam Control software, after trying the results are better than similar applications. Especially for Nikon DSLR cameras.

How it works Digicam Control is software for remote cameras through a computer. The camera is connected via USB cable to a PC or Notebook. And only installed on the computer with Digicam Control software. Only DSLR cameras can be remotely remote by this software and one Pocket Canon camera model type PowerShot G9 (for the current version). For Nikon DSLRs, all have used native drivers so that the software performance is very good.

Not all cameras support this software feature. Like the Canon DSLR camera has not been directly downloaded results from the camera. While Nikon, some camera models can already pull files from the memory card to the computer directly.

What can be done with the Digicam Control software :

  1. Certainly to move the control button from the camera to the computer.
  2. The shutter button can be moved to the computer, no need to press on the camera.
  3. After shooting, files can be retrieved and viewed on a computer.
  4. Live Preview can be done by this software. It's usually useful to see focus manually
  5. This software provides time lapse for photos and provides a calculation of how many photos will be taken, the time lag and how long the duration of the film made.
  6. See histograms in images and metadata and other photos.

More sophisticated functions exist in some cameras :

  • It has a Bulb mode feature on the D800, D4, D600, D7100 cameras to share the speed of the shuter.
  • Automatic focus stacking
  • Trigger sensors can be activated via Motion Detection.

The menu is enabled for downloads, settings, videos, timelapse, live view and others. The bottom left for camera settings when activated manually
Interesting from this software on the composition bar, also appear to ensure whether the sensor detects the image is too dark or too bright.

What are the benefits of Digicam Control software

  • Especially camera users who want to take objects on the work table. Can use this software for camera settings. Focusing images can be previewed live (if the camera supports) and fixes focus on small objects or requires sharpness of the image.
  • Another setting is making videos. Preview images can be transferred from camera to computer
  • Finally for Time Lapse. Many photographers try to make a time lapse video but the camera does not have that feature. Can be helped by setting this software.

The information above is only a small part in using Digicam Control software for remote cameras. It could be used for other fields that require a remote control camera via a computer or notebook
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