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EMCO Remote Installer - This remote deployment solution allows you to quickly and easily install and uninstall unattended software on a remote Windows PC. You can use it to remotely install and remove EXE and MSI / MSP packages on some Windows PCs connected to the local network. You can also retrieve data for software installed from a remote PC, receive batch software inventory reports, and track software changes.

What is EMCO Remote Loader?

EMCO Remote Installer is an easy-to-use network application designed for centralized software management and control over LANs. It offers a simple and effective approach to remote software distribution and can be used in place of SCCM and other complex deployment tools.

This program allows you to check the software installed on remote computers on your network and automatically spread the software to remote computers. This program distributes the software in parallel to a remote computer, so you can spread over the network in minutes. The deployment process is fully automated and does not require user interaction.

To use the software remotely, you must select an installation file and specify distribution options. You can use the software on the selected PC set, or you can dynamically specify conditions for selecting a PC. This program makes it possible to perform placement operations manually or to program for automatic distribution according to the program.

This program is available in two versions with different features.

Free Version
Free Edition is a free tool with basic deployment features. This allows you to check the software installed on the entire network. You can remotely install / uninstall software on up to 5 remote hosts simultaneously. Distribution targets can be selected statically and deployment operations can be run manually.

EMCO Professional Edition
EMCO Remote Installer Professional is a remote deployment solution that allows you to quickly and easily install unattended and unattended software on a remote Windows PC. You can use MSI packages to remove and remove MSI packages on some Windows PCs that are connected to the local network. You can also use it to retrieve a list of installed software from remote computers, receive a unified software inventory report, and track software changes. Professional version is a commercial tool that gives you advanced application control and software features. This allows you to install and uninstall MSI packages on many remote computers in one step and use advanced usage customization features. You can also create remote deployments and audit tasks that can be run manually or automatically by schedule.


Imprint : EMCO Software
Publisher's website : http://emcosoftware.com/
Release Date : May 22, 2013
Date : Added May 23, 2013
Version : 4.1.5

Category : Network Software
Subcategory : Network Tools

Operating System 
Operating system : Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / Server 7/8/2008
Additional Requirements : None

Download Information
File Size : 66.97MB Download now
File Name : RemoteInstallerProfessionalSetup.exe

Total Downloads : 658
Last Week Downloads : 4

EMCO Remote Installer Features:

Remote Software Application
Install, remove, and repair EXE, MSI, and MSP packages on one or more remote computers selected over LAN. You do not have to install the client software in advance on a remote computer. The software application runs silently for end users and runs in parallel with several remote computers to ensure high performance deployment.

Reusable Application Configuration
Save the software deployment configuration as a software package and use it for deployment. Each package represents the steps to install, remove, and repair specific software. Several bundles can be grouped into bundle groups. Import and export packages to replace placement configurations with your colleagues.

Software Inventory
Control software installed on the network PC. The application retrieves operating system information and Windows Program Data and Features from a remote computer and stores them in a central database. You can monitor software changes and use software audit data for deployments to select a target computer that meets software changes.

Multi-Step Deployment and Adaptability
For example, if you need to uninstall the older version of the software and install a new one during a process, use a multi-step deployment. You can also configure the application to perform custom actions before / after deployment. If the target deployment includes different platforms, you can use different installations on x86 and x64 PCs.

Situational Placement Targets
Configure the target computer for deployment by using a flexible PC. Define a set of static PCs and conditions to define dynamic groups by domain / workgroup, PC name, and OU. The target PC can be filtered according to the conditions according to the operating system and installed software. You can save the target configuration as a collection for use in the application.

Task and Application Calendar
If you need to perform the same software check or application operation several times, create a configured task. Tasks include configuring the software used and the destination PC. You can run a task manually or schedule it to run automatically. Make a schedule for a task or repeat execution at a specified date / time.

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EMCO Remote Installer
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