LiteManager Pro 4.6.2

LiteManager Pro 4.6.2 for Windows

LiteManager - LiteManager Remote Access Support Software for remote access via remote computer management or remote control on the local network, providing remote support for users and monitoring employee activity. This program makes it possible to control desktops quickly and easily with full support of Windows in real-time mode and provides secure remote access to file systems, processes and remote computer services. 

LiteManager has built-in tools that can create network maps, collect technical information, distribute and update using remote installation services, configure custom router ID (NOIP) and many other features. Classroom management software.

LiteManager Pro makes it easy to remotely perform any process task on another computer using a highly encrypted connection. The basic functions of this application are easy to install and understand, but some deeper features may surprise the average user. 

The user interface is easy to understand and based on standard browser windows, but you can customize the appearance of the various elements. Your remote list of computers can be displayed in a variety of styles; Clip art of regular icon or table

LiteManager Pro offers you various alternative connection modes; You can view or control the computer, or access your own features or desktop. You can organize your computer in a different folder as you find in the standard explorer window, and then double-click the icon to create the connection type you need.

The disadvantage is that some features are difficult for the average user to understand.

Overview of the Benefits of LiteManager

LiteManager makes remote access and management easy, easy and secure. In addition, users can enjoy great savings in operating and maintenance costs. For example, technicians who need network access for system maintenance checks or repairs or upgrades do not need to be physically on site to do their jobs. All they need to do is access the system from a remote computer and perform upgrades or repairs or maintenance from where they are. This eliminates the need for costs such as costs, food and hassle resulting from physically controlling a technician when entering and leaving a site.

For online students and instructors, LiteManager helps to transform distance learning into an efficient and useful exercise. For example, a teacher should show a step-by-step guide for his students, LiteManager allows instructors to accurately and accurately show all the details and actions needed per step. This basically optimizes the learning process.

LiteManager helps you maximize your capabilities and streamline tasks when you are away from the office and need quick and direct access to your office computer. You can access your files, work on documents, send reports, and communicate with other people in the office. Otherwise, suppose you want to access it securely from your home workplace, LiteManager has also helped you.

Which Problems Will LiteManager Solve?

Management system

You need professional experts and specialized software to manage and maintain good working conditions, dozens or even hundreds of computers. LiteManager allows you to optimize your organization's IT infrastructure. In this way, you can save time and money on computer service and maintenance, reduce the workload of employees, and improve the quality of technical support services.

Remote work / support

If you need to control your home or office computer from anywhere in the world, LiteManager will be the most convenient and indispensable tool for remote computer control. Using this program, you can establish remote connections for employees when they are out of the office, and configure access to your home computer directly from work or vice versa.

Educational institutions / classroom management

LiteManager will be an effective tool to optimize your training process. The teacher can simultaneously control the students' learning process, assist them in problem solving and correct errors, give tests or demo lessons.


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Title : LiteManager Pro 4.6.2 for Windows
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Requirements :
Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10, Windows 7 64 Bit, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 2000 Windows 2008, Windows 10 64 bit, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008 64 bit, Windows 2003, Windows 7, 64-bit Windows XP, 
Available languages : English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, German
License : Commercial Trial

LiteManager Alternative : Ultra VNC Viewer

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