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UltraVNC is specifically designed for remote assistance / helpdesk applications or in other words is a tool for displaying other computer screens through a network connection. The mouse and keyboard can be controlled directly remotely on another computer, as if you were working on a remote computer directly. Easy, fast and free, UltraVNC is a powerful remote access and remote assistance program.

UltraVNC can be configured to use secure encryption, can protect from eavesdropping. Not only can the screen and keyboard / mouse input be shared, but you can also transfer files directly for a short time using UltraVNC. Another cool feature of UltraVNC is UltraVNC Chat, which is a fast and simple way to send messages from the viewer to the server.

The functions provided by UltraVNC will address the needs of IT departments, help desks, technical support, teachers, demonstrators and individuals.

This UltraVNC program allows you to use your mouse and keyboard to directly control another PC remotely, as if you are sitting in front of it, directly from your current location. If you provide computer support, you can quickly access your customer's computer from anywhere in the world and solve the helpdesk problem remotely! With addons like SingleClick, your customers don't even have to pre-install software or run complicated procedures to get remote helpdesk support.

Main Feature :

  • File transfer,
  • Video driver,
  • Optional Encryption Plugin,
  • MS Logon,
  • Text chat,
  • Viewer Toolbar,
  • Java Viewer with File Transfer, as well as automatic scaling and Server Side Scaling,
  • Multi-Monitor Support,
  • Repeater / Proxy-support,
  • Automatic reconnection, good performance, and many other functions.

UltraVNC Changes:

  • Add XZ encoder (small bandwidth)
  • Repair damage
  • Automatic mode: better initial settings to avoid coder switches on start
  • fix 10 seconds win8 with keyboardhelper
  • w8hook embedded
  • Gii encoder option added
  • Memory leak
  • added tight encoder patches from the Turbovnc project
  • reconnect the timeout in inverse mode which increased for each trial, the max is set to 3 minutes
  • Accident detected by crashRpt repaired

UltraVNC Software Information

Program Name : UltraVNC
Version :
File Size : 2.82MB
File Name : UltraVNC_1_2_09_X86_Setup.exe
OS supported : Windows
License : Free Software
Release Date : 05 November 2015
Author : UltraVNC
MD5 Hash : 84698fa5c1b53d533f69cd29de2526f9

Vnc Installation & Use Steps 

VNC (Virtual Network Connection) is software that can be used to remotely or view work activities and interact with one computer through another computer in a local network or the internet. The purpose of building this VNC itself is to facilitate the supervision or monitoring of work systems.

One way to connect the server and client computers that have different OS with an experimental method is that the server computer operating system Linux can be controlled by a client computer operating system Windows. So that all programs on the server computer can be shared with client computers that have Windows operating systems.

UltraVNC Download Software this link below :

Free Driver

Following are the steps to install and use VNC:

  1. When finished downloading VNC, run the application by left-clicking 2 times.
  2. After that, click next to continue the installation.
  3. Select "Agree to agreement", then press Next.
  4. Select the directory where you want to install this VNC application.
  5. Select the component that you want to install.
  6. For this one, you need to pay attention is: If you want your PC can only be remotely from another PC without being able to remote to another PC, just choose VNC Server! If you want your PC to only remotely remotely without another PC, choose VNC Viewer instead! But if you want your PC to be remote and remote from / to another PC, choose VNC Server and Viewer.
  7. Now if you choose the VNC Server component in the previous step, then you will be asked if you want to register VNC as a service on your PC? My advice, it's best to just check this option.
  8. After that, a summary of the results of the installation process is displayed before the software is actually installed on your PC.
  9. At the end of the installation process, you are asked if you want to install a password when your PC will be remote using VNC? Then choose Configure.
  10. Fill in the password you want.
  11. Until here it's not finished yet! Look for the "Connection" tab, and enter in your firewall port 5900 in the "Exception" section when using the default Windows XP firewall, if you activate the firewall! So that this software can be used.
  12. Until here, the installation process has been successfully carried out. Now to see if the RealVNC service is running, look to the bottom right of the desktop / column system tray icon, does it already look like this?
  13. If RealVNC is running well, then you can already use it. If not, please do the Uninstall process and follow the steps above.
  14. To be able to use RealVNC, you reinstall this software on a PC other than your own which is certainly in the same network as your PC. The steps are the same as those above.
  15. If already installed, to be able to remotely PC another way of VNC Viewer by going to: Start - All Programs - Real VNC - VNC Viewer 4 - Run VNC Viewer.
  16. In the "Server" column, enter the IP Address of the PC that you are going to remote and of course the RealVNC already installed. After that, press "Ok".
  17. Enter the password that you setup when you installed RealVNC on the PC. Do not be Wrong ! After that press "Ok". If you have done all of these steps correctly, then you will be able to successfully remote the PC users who are in your network.

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